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70 days non stop vlogging

Image Credit: Keith Wickramasekara

I have been vlogging now, for 70 days. Daily.

And it’s becoming quite the “part of life” thing for me. So far, It’s been really interesting. About the different types of content that I can shoot, the difficulty in finding that sort of content too.

Who knew the third try would have gotten me this far. Well of course, not every day you get the most interesting and fun of content to watch.

1st try: Did a weekly vlog in 2010, went on for a couple of weeks, but weekly vlogs generally don’t exactly work out because.. well.. you get lazy. As some point you just go “meh, I can choose to maybe just pick out a short bit of the whole week to show. And then leave the vlog cam at home/behind. And most times, missing out on stuff.

2nd try: In 2014, and the catalyst for the current shot at it. Did this daily for a few days. And thus the start of the Vlog #X numbering system. Hence, the current number of vlogs on the channel is not representative of the number of consecutive days I have been uploading.

In essence, I did it for about a week, and gave up.

3rd try: Well, the reason for the 3rd blast is detailed in this post here.

I shall continue this. I shall keep it going at least for as long as I can.

After all, again, the one thing I just have to constantly remind myself is that the vlog is for memories. Much like this blog here, it’s for memories that I can keep, look back, and enjoy when I want to reminisce.

So follow my memories and take a peek into my life from time to time when you can!

Love, Dan.