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My new co-pilot


It does seem that posts for this blog seems to span over months between each one.

But fret not! I guess now, this blog will be taking a new direction!

My partner and co-pilot, Cheryl, will be jumping in and posting within betterdanthis.com with her own views and sharings on different things! Am really excited, this will definitely breathe new life into this little space of the internet as well as showcase a new bunch of topics!

I guess we’ll be covering various topics moving forward, from travel, to food and even random stuff like collecting and building stuff. Hopefully you’ll keep coming back to read more of what we’ll have to offer!

Stay tuned!

Love Dan.

February Update

And yet again, i seem to have not been posting much the past month, GGR has seen the lack of an episode upload. I have been busy, my bad.

IMG 8308

92nd Division has shifted to distributing and dealing of diecast cars. Some pretty huge brands too at that. We’re still finding our footing regards but we’ll get there~

IMG 8324

Valentine’s Day has just passed and Chinese New Year has been marked. A fresh start is now underway. Plans are made, which i will, again, detail in later posts (bear with me).

IMG 8387

Jean’s Rottie Cody had to be sent to the vet due to a dislocation of his hip and right leg. Poor boy. Good to know he’s right now recovering just fine. Fingers Crossed!

IMG 8412

The addition of a MINI Cooper Paceman to the family fleet makes it 3 MINI’s now. AND WE LOVE IT.

IMG 8427

CNY Visiting has been fun so far this year. Look at this lil pup. Looks like a ball of pork floss.

IMG 8461

And Finally i’ll leave this post to end with a Mandatory annual shot of Chu Yi Club Couz.

More posts soon all. I Promise.