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Project Bite


Photo series for the year, accomplished. And i’m actually rather pleased with this one too!

This is Project Bite. And in it, features the staff/employees of Tech in Asia, all eating something. Fun, apt.

The series took me about 2 to 3 months to complete. The camera of choice used for this was the Leica Typ 109. The Leica monochrome colours really captured the essence of the project.

Big thanks to Max Lee, founder of Spark Asia for aiding in the journey, he kindly sponsored the awesome prints for this, for me to be able to construct the photos onto the wall of the office pantry.

And yes, finally, completion of a photo series.

Till the next one.

Poto Challen 4 – Fear

The past two weeks has been busy for the poto challen-gers.
With major events during work taking place, the challen was pushed back.

Meanwhile, for those who participated, here was Poto Challen 4 with its theme, “Fear”.

My babies. They are depleting. HALP. #potochallen #potochallen4

A photo posted by Das war ein BEFEHL (@dieziegevater) on

Wake up everyday stronger than yesterday. Face your fears, and wipe your tears. T-minus: 6 days

A photo posted by Ian S. (@iansbh) on

The fear of time eating it all up. #potochallen #potochallen4 #fear #rust #bike #leica #dlux #typ109 #vsco #vscocam

A photo posted by Daniel Lee (@betterdanthis) on

Fret not, this week, the challen continues.

Poto Challen 3 – Dark

This week, Ian’s choice of theme gets randomly chosen.
And here are everyone’s take on the theme “Dark”.


#potochallen3 – dark #potochallen

A photo posted by Das war ein BEFEHL (@dieziegevater) on

"If once you start down the dark path, forever it will dominate your destiny" ~ Yoda

A photo posted by Daniel Lee (@betterdanthis) on

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Poto Challen 1 – History

Behold! The beginning of the Poto Challen!

The first week’s theme is History.

Here’s what we’ve come up with and our interpretations of the theme.

#potochallen1 – if they don’t buck up, these cobalt blue cars will soon be history.

A photo posted by Das war ein BEFEHL (@dieziegevater) on

I wish my kids would grow up the way you did. \ Little Danish. Lorong Buangkok, Singapore, Jan 2015

A photo posted by Mich. (@mishsellsseashells) on

Piazza del Duomo #history #potochallen #potochallen1 #florence #italy #VSCO

A photo posted by Huiyi Lee (@huiyileeee) on

Fingers crossed to having more participants along the way!
Onwards to the next week!

New cam – Leica D-Lux Typ 109


I have bit the bullet, and thrown money to buy myself my first Leica! Although it is no rangefinder in the form of an M, or a powerhouse in the SL. But hey, the D-Lux Typ 109 can give DSLR’s a good run for its money. Ain’t shitting you.


Have brought it around with me almost everywhere I go, shot a wedding and a funeral on it, and oh goodness am I loving it. I’ll probably do a review on it soon. But here you go, watch the GGR episode on it.

Psst. You can watch it in 4K! (Was filmed on Jean’s V-Lux)

Kind of regretted not getting the leather case with this though, within my 3 weeks of shooting with it so far, seems like its getting scuffed up a little. Yikes.


I’m a total convert now. Thanks to Jean (who thanked me who brought her to the Leica event).

Will throw more photowalks on the blog soon! Stay tuned!

Resolution for Project 365

Yet again, we near the end of the year. And the lack of posts for this year does not justify this blog that much.

So the idea now would be to have a resolution for 2014, and this time, i will probably hope that this will inject more life into the blog.

I’m sure most of you know about “Project 365”, a movement type of project that was started years ago for photographers to take a picture 365 days of the year. Hence the name. It too is said that many people who starts with Project 365 somehow can’t follow it through after a month or so. This is understandable having to lug your camera around for everyday of the year to take a photo, (yes phone cameras does the trick too but hey, whats the point of owning a DSLR if you only use it for rare occasions).

IMG 4547


The other issue is theme, most project 365’s come with particular themes such as cars, planes, birds, trees, monkeys, fruits, well you get the idea. Something of which i have not been able to come up with is the theme for shooting project 365 next year.

Or. well. I could just shoot random stuff everyday for the next year in hope that i don’t give it up a few weeks in.

We’ll see we’ll see.

GGR update and Photography Portfolio!

You May or May Not know about GGR. And yes! It is still alive!

Please do give me your support. we are almost 6 years old already and counting!

To give you a recap, GGR stands for “GAMES GADGETS REVIEWS” Of which reviews and unboxings of games and gadgets are done in a short episode based format on youtube!

Do subscribe to the wertypoo youtube channel for more.

Also you can check out betterdanthis’ own GGR Page for links to all the past videos!

(p.s: you get to see my years ago when i was.. um.. rounder)

This blog will also be used for GGR Related posts in the future! Bringing you more updates and of course, tech goodness!


Aside from that, I have finally updated the Photography page on betterdanthis, featuring a short portfolio of my works so far.

And yes, if you don’t mind an always learning photographer, i am for hire! More details on the page.

For more though, stay locked onto my Flickr page for my full works. Coming soon!


Spread the word!

Love, Dan.

Cheryl Tay Automotive Photography Class

So over the weekend i attended Cheryl Tay‘s Automotive Photography Class. The class was meant to highlight and teach students on how to shoot, well.. cars! Cheryl, is a local automotive journalist, and as you could already tell from her name, she’s the only female automotive journalist in singapore.

Depending on whether the cars were static(stationary) or moving.

The two day course started off at the Infiniti Showroom at Alexandra, with the basics covered again to make sure all the budding car photographers there were on the same page, we shot some cars.

DSC 0558

DSC 0566

We learnt various angle and composition techniques from a guest speaker, Adrain from vanqphotorque photography, who does shoots for a whole load of car magazines in singapore.

DSC 0568

DSC 0594

The first day was theory filled but the second day allowed us to try out some proper automotive photography, panning shots.

But first, just like you would have at a grid walk, we learnt how to take static car shots under perfect sun lighting.

DSC 0625

There is cheryl’s “pink mobile.” Yes. a Honda S2000 decked out in pink, will do an article on that someday. My darling Ellen is sitting green at the right corner and a sweet BMW 1M at the back.


DSC 0665

Oh yeah, panning shots. Meaning the photographer sets his/her camera up for a shutter speed that matches the car’s movement, fires it and pans the camera shooting the car. Simple enough.

DSC 0743

Ellen got in on the action too!

DSC 0825

So did a C180 Coupe Turbocharged.

Lastly we headed to Jurong Kartright Speedway for the final segment of the class, shooting karts on a track.

DSC 0867DSC 0874DSC 0897


Overall it was a pretty enlightening lesson, Certainly learnt great useful stuff. Rather than trying to do it myself just like when i did in the previous posts.

So… Perhaps.. Automotive Journalism too? HEHEHE. Ah.. What gives..

Till then.. maybe a 24-70mm lens will be a good starter into a newer realm of camera shooting…