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Photowalk – Superheadz: Korea 2015

The elusive Nikon FM2 is still not within my reach. But as far as film goes, the trusty Superheadz that Dexter gave me seems like a winner. It is still amazing what toy camera’s can do.

Earlier in the year we travelled to South Korea, yes, again. And instead of lugging the heavy D7000 along, I decided that the trip should just be done on my toy camera.

So here, as always, a photowalk of Seoul, taken with the 35mm toy camera goodness.












Why did it take so long? I just didn’t get round to having them developed. Perhaps I should try developing them myself.

Stay tuned for the next photowalk!

Oh, and see the rest of the Superheadz shots here!

Stay chill all~


Nami nami na, eh eh, waka waka..
Wait.. that ain’t right.

Namiseom is the name, also known as Nami Island.

Located in Chuncheon, South Korea, the island is probably one of the most beautiful places to see in Korea. Period.

DSC 6119

There are two ways on getting onto the island. One is via a ferry.

DSC 6318

And the other, though pricey, recommended. Is via a zip line from the mainland to the island. And oh yes, it was fun.

DSC 6135

DSC 6319

Well you have got to be on par with certain height and weight restrictions. After which you get to head up the tower where you’d be ziplining from.

DSC 6143

Breathtaking and magnificent views. Though it was cold as crap up there.

DSC 6146

After going through a mandatory safety talk on how to not be an ass on the zipline down. We waited for our turn. And then when the ziplines returned. We sat on, strapped in, and it was an awesome ride down.

Check out the vid here!

DSC 6157

The zipline brought us straight into nami island’s wonderous autumn sea of red and yellow trees.

DSC 6159

Again, before i leave you with a picture blast, it is worth a note to say that nami island was the setting for the famous korean show winter sonata. Also the thai romance flick hello stranger.

DSC 6161

DSC 6170

DSC 6174

DSC 6175

DSC 6185

DSC 6190

DSC 6201

DSC 6204

DSC 6211

DSC 6226

DSC 6231

DSC 6235

DSC 6250

DSC 6268

DSC 6276

DSC 6303

DSC 6306

DSC 6307

Again. I cannot stress the beauty of the place. Certainly one to put on your list when you’re visiting South Korea. Totally worth the long journey there.

We got on a Ferry and headed back to the main island. (Unfortunately they did not have a zipline back, Darn!)

DSC 6312

There are a few ways to get there. Google is your best friend in this case, find one that works out the best for you.

We got up bright and early for this so do remember to factor that in for your trip!

Stay classy all you wanderlusts~

Noryangjin Fish Market

Noryangjin Fish Market. The “Go-To” fish market for the koreans. For the tourists? An experience that allows one to eat live/raw octopuses. Also not to mention the seafood lovers.

DSC 5225

DSC 5232

DSC 5234

DSC 5236

The prospect of which has gotten us up way early in the morning to grab the train to Noryangin Station(Take exit 1, cross the overhead bridge to get there). You won’t miss it, follow the fishy smell.

DSC 5238

Lights and loads and loads of fresh seafood is what greets you upon arrival. Also the unmistakable smell of fish.

DSC 5240

And as always, i’ll now leave you with a picture blast of the place. Enjoy~

DSC 5241

DSC 5244

DSC 5245

DSC 5247

DSC 5248

DSC 5249

DSC 5250

DSC 5252

DSC 5257

DSC 5259

DSC 5266

DSC 5267

DSC 5269

I’m not a seafood person. Nope, Definitely not. But everyone else was. So they picked out an octopus and some crabs and its yum yum for them.

DSC 5284

DSC 5298

Chopped live octopus. Which was still squirming around. Check out the vid here of me snagging one in my mouth.

Octopussy. #notabondreference #korea

A video posted by Daniel Lee (@betterdanthis) on


DSC 5300

DSC 5304

DSC 5309

DSC 5316

DSC 5318

DSC 5319

DSC 5324

DSC 5323

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the grub. So if you’re a seafoodie like everyone else in my family but me. Do head down to check out Noryangjin Fish Market.

Here are the opening hours:
01:00 – 18:00 (wholesale auction)
07:00 – 20:00 (dried fish)
24 hours (raw fish)
Open throughout the year.

Technically you could just pop by any time you want. Definitely an experience and an interesting place to check out if you’re visiting South Korea.

Stay Fishy all!

Dog Cafe in Myeongdong

Cafe Gaene~

Ok the name of the cafe certainly sounds funny. And sure as heck not manly, but it is definately a dog lover’s must go place when in myeongdong, south korea.

DSC 5125

At a certain cross junction in the Myeongdong district there’d be these suited up mascots(not the one in the picture with the OBEY beanie) giving out flyers, for, well.. PET CAFE’s!

Sissy being an animal lover pestered us to check them out. So we grabbed the flyer for the Cafe Gaene, and headed to searching for it. Which wasn’t too difficult as they did have signs plastered around the area to lead you to it.

DSC 5127


That being said though even with the huge signs and all. We still managed to walk up the wrong building. #geniusesattopo


DSC 5128


DSC 5129


After much laughs at our inability to find obvious places. We found it. The dog cafe in myeongdong.


DSC 5130

To save you the trouble in case you are like us, this is what the entrance door looks like.


DSC 5131

Inside, we paid, thats 8000 won each, had our hand’s sanitised and were given a free drink. They also gave us each a blanket to lay over our feet when we sat on the floor. I guess the dogs are “trained” to come over to you and lie down/sit on the blankys.


DSC 5132

There were dogs. EVERYWHERE.

Like playing, running around, sleeping, chilling out, taking pisses and shits everywhere.

Which in all honesty was not to stinky the place. The ladies there were pretty efficient in clearing up the pee and poo whenever the dogs decided to drop one.


DSC 5138


Each dog had their own name and came to you for some stranger affection, we were warned though that some had a pissy attitude and did not like to be rubbed or handled in certain ways.

DSC 5158


DSC 5159



DSC 5139


Of course we were not the only ones there, even near to closing there were people streaming in and such. But not to worry about crowds. The space in the cafe is ample and there are enough dogs to go around for everyone.

I’ll now stop blabbering and leave you with a picture blast!

DSC 5141

DSC 5146


DSC 5155


DSC 5157

DSC 5161


DSC 5170


DSC 5175


Needless to say the girls loved it there.


Here’s the address if you’re as much a dog lover as we are!


Cafe Gaene Myeongdong

46, Myeongdong 4-gil, Jung-guSeoulSouth Korea

Tel. 070-4253-9497 (One of the dogs might pick up the phone though)



Well this isn’t the only dog cafe in Seoul but if you’re ever in the area, it is definately interesting to just drop by and check out cafe gaene, the dog cafe in myeongdong.


Korea Wifi Rental

Before i begin, i have to say it is important to firstly find out what your needs are for your trip.
In our case, we are travelling with a total of 5 people in the lot so a wifi egg would be perfect.

If you’re travelling alone or in pairs. Then you’d probably want to look for a 3G/4G sim to use in your phone whilst in Korea.

If you’re just here reading this post just for the kick of it. Then read on anyways! You might find it useful for your future trips!


We found ourselves heading to Changi Airport terminal 2. Do note they open from 7am to 10pm so don’t go in the middle of the night looking for wifi eggs.

Its pretty simple. You rent the magic device from the shop located near the end of the terminal (land side). Once you see starbucks its should be around there.


Here’s the lowdown. $12 dollars a day(which is a great deal if you split with your friends). The egg connects up to 10 devices at a go and gives you about 8-9 hours of battery life. And the best thing about this is the absence of a data limit cap. So you can LITERALLY go crazy with the usage.


Of course. This isn’t the first korea wifi rental for the wifi egg thingy’s in singapore but it certainly proves to be the most cost effective for your trip. Again, if you’re travelling in big groups. (Or your arsenal of gadgets range from your tablets, smartphones, computers, gaming devices etc just for yourself)


They do have rental eggs for other countries too but the range is rather limited and since we’re heading to korea, i figured i’d just blog it as korea wifi rental.


And whats more they provide this sweet pouch for you to carry the egg around that includes a charger and a cable to go with. I recommend getting those portable battery packs to extend the usage when you’re out and about.

We paid a $1 deposit but were warned of the extra charges if we’d lose the device and its peripherals. And depending on how many days per the $12/day rate. You pay when you return from your trip.


This korea wifi rental egg is certainly a lifesaver for those of us who can’t live without the internet. For others, just hunt for wifi at certain cafe’s and food spots.

I’ll detail in another post soon about buying sim cards in a foreign country soon! So do stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, as always, stay awesome~

Korea 2012

Ok with K-pop and K-Drama’s aside. Korea was, well, cold.

Especially at this time of the year. I recently visited in November and boy was it cold. With temperatures dropping to 0deg. at certain instances.

DSC 8898

That being said though, all in all, it was a rather beautiful place with good food and cheap shopping all round.

DSC 8913

DSC 8928

Place your lock of love here~


DSC 8964


DSC 8986

A teddy bear museum for all you teddy fanatics.

DSC 8991


DSC 9021

Food Glorious Food. and who can complain with Kimchi at every meal.

DSC 9026

If you do drop by seoul, you have to catch “cooking nanta” really brilliant show!

DSC 9028

And of course. Lotte World.

DSC 9034

Sat the many rides. Fun fun stuff.

DSC 9049

DSC 9078

Really really huge theme park with both and indoor and outdoor field with loads of rides and attractions.

DSC 9104

Had a go at ice skating too!


DSC 9125

DSC 9153

Fish market!

DSC 9155

Octo anyone?

DSC 9159

Or how about tiger prawns?

DSC 9177

And a blast of things~

DSC 9172

And guess what we ate?

DSC 9185

Diced live octopus~

DSC 9186


Didn’t stop everyone from getting the good stuff too!

DSC 9188

DSC 9227

The trickeye museum was pretty fun too!

DSC 9231

DSC 9238

DSC 9250

DSC 9273

DSC 9288

and i do what i do best!


DSC 9297

Plastic Surgery ads were plastered all around the city!


DSC 9313

The coex Aquarium was really nice too!

Though it did not have kickass whale sharks like the one in osaka did, marine animals still are awesome.

DSC 9315DSC 9346DSC 9362

DSC 9442

We left korea with this re-enactment of a royal family walk in the airport.

So far korea is a pretty nice place to visit. Loads of stuff there, though, that being said, its still best to plan out your trip schedule beforehand.