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Korea Wifi Rental

Before i begin, i have to say it is important to firstly find out what your needs are for your trip.
In our case, we are travelling with a total of 5 people in the lot so a wifi egg would be perfect.

If you’re travelling alone or in pairs. Then you’d probably want to look for a 3G/4G sim to use in your phone whilst in Korea.

If you’re just here reading this post just for the kick of it. Then read on anyways! You might find it useful for your future trips!


We found ourselves heading to Changi Airport terminal 2. Do note they open from 7am to 10pm so don’t go in the middle of the night looking for wifi eggs.

Its pretty simple. You rent the magic device from the shop located near the end of the terminal (land side). Once you see starbucks its should be around there.


Here’s the lowdown. $12 dollars a day(which is a great deal if you split with your friends). The egg connects up to 10 devices at a go and gives you about 8-9 hours of battery life. And the best thing about this is the absence of a data limit cap. So you can LITERALLY go crazy with the usage.


Of course. This isn’t the first korea wifi rental for the wifi egg thingy’s in singapore but it certainly proves to be the most cost effective for your trip. Again, if you’re travelling in big groups. (Or your arsenal of gadgets range from your tablets, smartphones, computers, gaming devices etc just for yourself)


They do have rental eggs for other countries too but the range is rather limited and since we’re heading to korea, i figured i’d just blog it as korea wifi rental.


And whats more they provide this sweet pouch for you to carry the egg around that includes a charger and a cable to go with. I recommend getting those portable battery packs to extend the usage when you’re out and about.

We paid a $1 deposit but were warned of the extra charges if we’d lose the device and its peripherals. And depending on how many days per the $12/day rate. You pay when you return from your trip.


This korea wifi rental egg is certainly a lifesaver for those of us who can’t live without the internet. For others, just hunt for wifi at certain cafe’s and food spots.

I’ll detail in another post soon about buying sim cards in a foreign country soon! So do stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, as always, stay awesome~