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Nami nami na, eh eh, waka waka..
Wait.. that ain’t right.

Namiseom is the name, also known as Nami Island.

Located in Chuncheon, South Korea, the island is probably one of the most beautiful places to see in Korea. Period.

DSC 6119

There are two ways on getting onto the island. One is via a ferry.

DSC 6318

And the other, though pricey, recommended. Is via a zip line from the mainland to the island. And oh yes, it was fun.

DSC 6135

DSC 6319

Well you have got to be on par with certain height and weight restrictions. After which you get to head up the tower where you’d be ziplining from.

DSC 6143

Breathtaking and magnificent views. Though it was cold as crap up there.

DSC 6146

After going through a mandatory safety talk on how to not be an ass on the zipline down. We waited for our turn. And then when the ziplines returned. We sat on, strapped in, and it was an awesome ride down.

Check out the vid here!

DSC 6157

The zipline brought us straight into nami island’s wonderous autumn sea of red and yellow trees.

DSC 6159

Again, before i leave you with a picture blast, it is worth a note to say that nami island was the setting for the famous korean show winter sonata. Also the thai romance flick hello stranger.

DSC 6161

DSC 6170

DSC 6174

DSC 6175

DSC 6185

DSC 6190

DSC 6201

DSC 6204

DSC 6211

DSC 6226

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Again. I cannot stress the beauty of the place. Certainly one to put on your list when you’re visiting South Korea. Totally worth the long journey there.

We got on a Ferry and headed back to the main island. (Unfortunately they did not have a zipline back, Darn!)

DSC 6312

There are a few ways to get there. Google is your best friend in this case, find one that works out the best for you.

We got up bright and early for this so do remember to factor that in for your trip!

Stay classy all you wanderlusts~