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Oh it’s been a busy one

Hello world.

It’s been awhile since i’ve dropped an update here on this blog. It’s been rather dead now hasn’t it. Surprisingly though, traffic has been rather steady, for the old posts that be. #SEOFTW.

Anyhoo, dropping an update on what’s been going on lately. In the last two months, I’ve popped by two cities, namely Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, and oh boy it has been quite an interesting eye-opening trips.

I’ve been on work trips before, but none as tiring as these, see, we’re expanding community initiatives to these cities first. And if results are good, we’ll head to other cities as well.

I’m gonna just leave you with a picture blast from the trip will little captions below them, it’s been fulfilling. But it opens a doorway into many busy busy work days to follow.


Visited and had a sharing session at the 9GAG office, awesome stuff. Remind me again to not to take photos in portrait orientation, they’re a pain to upload here. #rookiemistake.



We said hello to the lads at the Gogovan office too, and had a blast during a sharing with them too!


And the nice people we’ve met along the way, who will be aiding us in the fight!


We had more hands for the KL skirmish, which was also equally as interesting and much to learn about!



Nothing stopped us from kicking back with good food and whiskey after all that’s done.

All in all, the trips were rewarding in its own ways, i’ll be jumping back into HK next month, yikes, much to plan and do this coming round too. But hey, let’s make that happen.

And yes.. I know I know.. I need to update more.