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Cheap DIY LED lit cupboard shelf for under $10


The picture above is a shelf on my cupboard in my wardrobe(yes). And it’s rather dark with the ceiling lights turned off. I wanted a quick solution to light the spot up.

Cheryl told me that Daiso has offerings for LED strips (or something along that line). And off to hunt for it we did. And we came across this.


Yup, battery type decoration lights, in all it’s glory for $2. Our initial skepticism about the brightness of the lights were quelled when a lady buying the same lights said that it was bright and she was rather happy with it and was looking to get another set. <Bingo>

Then we added this hook thingy to the cart.


It has a double sided tape thing on one end, and a hook which you can manipulate/force down to lock the cable/cord in.

Pop in a little battery and off to work, well actually it was just hooking it up and sticking the battery console using a double sided tape/3M tape to the side. Stick up the cord hook thing to the roof of the shelf and voila! It’s Christmas in a cupboard!


Yes, I cracked it. Too strong from last week’s gym workout.



And voila! The finished product! Indeed, bright enough to my liking, cheap enough to my wallet’s liking. And the best part. If it spoils, just replace it with another.


  • LED Deco lights(Daiso) – $2
  • Cord Hook(Daiso) – $2
  • Two AA Batteries(Anywhere) – $2
  • Double sided tape/3M tape – $3-4

Now, go light em up!