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Co-writing on the blog


So when Daniel first suggested to co-writing on the betterdanthis domain, I was a tad hesitant.

I don’t often write, much less blog. I take too long to pen down my thoughts. Also, what if my writing changes too much of the original betterdanthis blog?

Then, I thought, why not?

Aside from helping to reduce digital cobwebs off this little borrowed (paid) space, it’ll be nice to have a trove of snippets to look back on and reminisce.

I also occasionally throw diarrheas of text in captions of pictures and instagram posts already anyway. This would just be another avenue for longer thought bubbles and spontaneous ramblings.

Lastly, I’ve realized that while it is natural to worry, being caught up on things that could go wrong takes too much of my time away from the experience on the runway. Most things that worry are visceral and don’t actually happen anyhow. Acknowledge, move on, learn from the ride.


That being said, I will mostly be posting on things Dan and I do together:

  • RC cars (from a idiot driver’s POV)
  • Building Star Wars models
  • Funko Collecting
  • Food joints we hit and eating habits
  • Building a gaming com
  • Video games?
  • Other projects?

Regardless of whatever the topics are, I am excited: It will be an experience, and it will be another fun activity we’ll be on together.

Looking at it that way, there’s really no reason not to take the invitation into this little domain on the interwebz.

Til next time!

Love Cheryl