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I should start vlogging again

Image credit: Lukas Budimaier
Image credit: Lukas Budimaier

I have been thinking. If I should start vlogging again. Perhaps watching Casey Neistat do his thing has got me back yearning to start vlogging once more.

I have vlogged my life on two occasions, once in 2010 and the other in 2014, along a couple of other travel vlogs which were fun, for sure. Catch my old vlogs here.

Here’s the deal with blogging/vlogging.


It is tough as heck to keep up with a schedule. Everything else gets in the way, work, play, whatever. Everything gets in the way. But I guess, as they say..

“If it is something you really want to do, you’ll find time to do it no matter what.”

And true that! As much as, also, i’d love to rant and rave on random nothingness on this blog, I never really found the commitment to do it. And I probably should find a way to change that. I should change that.


Blogging has been tough. I have trouble finding inspiration to write songs, these days, which were a breeze in the past. Let alone blogging. But I have to find a way to do this, an outlet of sorts I guess. Somewhere to dump the thoughts that linger in the depths of my mind. Well, of course, the more shallow ones.

But I shall, continue and will continue to blog. After all, I’m paying for this domain name for a reason eh?


Ok here comes the mountain to scale. See, the difference between blogging and vlogging is, well.. You blog about a particular subject topic, or something that happened. Draft it, review it. Hit publish and boom. It goes live. To the 7 readers of the post, I thank you for reading Betterdanthis.

For vlogs, well. It has to be current. See, for a couple of days in 2014, I vlogged almost everyday. And boy were they tiring, the filming of randomness. To talk about the most random of things, and the most, well.. boring of days. Coming up with content is tough. Editing, less said, was also time consuming

But here’s what I realised.

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

Youtube has provided a brilliant source where we can upload whatever the heck we want, be it random episodes of unboxing’s with GGR (it’s still alive btw, thanks for asking) or even random boring vlogs about our lives. But hey, y’know what? Those are memories we keep. Those are the moments in life where we leave behind, and let ourselves look back at it some day. And reminisce.

The other day, I re-watched, just for the fun of it. Some of my old vlogs.

I teared up.

It was the days that I lost. However boring, I kept them. I relived them as I watched through. Yeh was still alive, in those vlogs he was. Still smiling, being himself, in that feeble skinny frame that was his body and his grey hair. That giggle and grin that he always had. I miss him so so much.

Moopie was another memory that was jolted from the vlogs. Such a sweetheart. Affectionate and loving as always.

And there I wondered. If I never had vlogged, I’d keep them in memory, that would fade over time. But this, is golden. In pictures, and in videos. We never really die.

They will always be in my heart.


Gear has always been an issue. If you’d notice watching the previous vlogs, they were shaky as heck. And hell crap of a quality as heck. I still want a dedicated vlog camera though. But since I’ve spent an arm and a leg of hard earned money on the Typ 109, I better make good use of it for now, till I can afford the next dedicated vlog cam.

I will jumpstart vlogging again. So when we’re all old some day, we can look back at these clips. And be glad that we can always relive the memories of now.

Let’s do this. 

Do watch em and support on. Subscribe!

Stay awesome all.

New cam – Leica D-Lux Typ 109


I have bit the bullet, and thrown money to buy myself my first Leica! Although it is no rangefinder in the form of an M, or a powerhouse in the SL. But hey, the D-Lux Typ 109 can give DSLR’s a good run for its money. Ain’t shitting you.


Have brought it around with me almost everywhere I go, shot a wedding and a funeral on it, and oh goodness am I loving it. I’ll probably do a review on it soon. But here you go, watch the GGR episode on it.

Psst. You can watch it in 4K! (Was filmed on Jean’s V-Lux)

Kind of regretted not getting the leather case with this though, within my 3 weeks of shooting with it so far, seems like its getting scuffed up a little. Yikes.


I’m a total convert now. Thanks to Jean (who thanked me who brought her to the Leica event).

Will throw more photowalks on the blog soon! Stay tuned!

Nikon Coolpix AW120 Review – GGR

I’m pretty sure AW stands for All Weather. And nikon’s coolpix AW range seems to have it all right. Perhaps it’s the R&D from weather sealing their dslr cameras and all.


DSC 4454


Either way, let me tell you about the AW120.
Let’s start with specs. This camera has a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor with an aperature range of f/2.8-4.9 and a focal length range of 4.3mm to 21.5mm.
It has an electronic VR system as well as in built gps and wifi. Oh, and its shock and waterproof too. So you can go crazy with it.


In all honesty, the very much plastic feel of the camera does not exactly justify the pricing of the camera, it makes it feel less rugged. Though engravings on the front of the camera that reminds you of its waterproof and shockproof capabilities make you feel a little more secure about it.

DSC 4462

The standard compact size of the camera at times makes you forget its actually one in a premium range, but we’re all spoilt by the micro 4/3’s and dslr’s in the current age aren’t we? The back of the camera dishes very simple and straightforward controls with zoom toggle switches, the record button and dedicated buttons for changing modes, flash, exposure compensation and macro.

One thing that stumped me at first that took awhile to get used to was the position of the lens, which is located at the top right of the camera (left if you’re shooting). But it isn’t too much of a concern when you’re shooting except at times you forget its there and part of your finger gets in the shot.


The camera works pretty well in day conditions, though at times shots with the flash can get too direct, making the lighting a little harsh.



I propped the camera up against a ledge on the roof at night and to be honest was rather impressed with the amount of light that was able to enter the lens. Something not many compact cameras can conjure, though that being said, it had to be stable and i don’t think most people would want to leave home with a compact cam with tripods.



Again, this picture of the mosque took a few tries to get it right. But when you do, the camera does reward you with the hard work you put in to take it.


However one thing to note is the autofocus, both at night and in the day. If you’re trying to get something that would be only open for a split-second you’d have a tough time, most resulting in blurry shots. So, nope, definately not one for street shooting this.


Colour though, it is everything you’d expect from a premium compact, meeting expectations thoroughly.


The colours are not exactly vibrant, but it works and easy to live with.



Where the camera comes into its element though, is around water.


Be it stills or videos, the camera extends its capabilities where many other premium compacts are not able to, such as taking videos or stills in water. Divers use this camera too, providing a stable and reasonable priced all rounder camera that has capabilities that allow for underwater fun.


All in all, this camera is at a good price point for water sport junkies, its size makes it compact and reasonable to carry around. With its waterproof capabilities this camera makes a good sidearm for the divers. Though if you’re not exactly into that sort of thing there isn’t much to wow you.

Never once did i complain about it being too heavy or obstructive when i had it slung across my shoulder when i was out. But then again thats the beauty of a compact. And this, an all weather compact. The main question of whether you should get one of these or not lies ultimately with your wants and hobbies.

DSC 4464


Either way, head down to the camera store and give it a whirl. Better yet if you could be so lucky as to try it in water conditions, thats where it comes alive.

Do head check out the GGR youtube video for more of my take on this camera. Meanwhile, stay awesome, stay compact awesome~