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Dog Cafe in Myeongdong

Cafe Gaene~

Ok the name of the cafe certainly sounds funny. And sure as heck not manly, but it is definately a dog lover’s must go place when in myeongdong, south korea.

DSC 5125

At a certain cross junction in the Myeongdong district there’d be these suited up mascots(not the one in the picture with the OBEY beanie) giving out flyers, for, well.. PET CAFE’s!

Sissy being an animal lover pestered us to check them out. So we grabbed the flyer for the Cafe Gaene, and headed to searching for it. Which wasn’t too difficult as they did have signs plastered around the area to lead you to it.

DSC 5127


That being said though even with the huge signs and all. We still managed to walk up the wrong building. #geniusesattopo


DSC 5128


DSC 5129


After much laughs at our inability to find obvious places. We found it. The dog cafe in myeongdong.


DSC 5130

To save you the trouble in case you are like us, this is what the entrance door looks like.


DSC 5131

Inside, we paid, thats 8000 won each, had our hand’s sanitised and were given a free drink. They also gave us each a blanket to lay over our feet when we sat on the floor. I guess the dogs are “trained” to come over to you and lie down/sit on the blankys.


DSC 5132

There were dogs. EVERYWHERE.

Like playing, running around, sleeping, chilling out, taking pisses and shits everywhere.

Which in all honesty was not to stinky the place. The ladies there were pretty efficient in clearing up the pee and poo whenever the dogs decided to drop one.


DSC 5138


Each dog had their own name and came to you for some stranger affection, we were warned though that some had a pissy attitude and did not like to be rubbed or handled in certain ways.

DSC 5158


DSC 5159



DSC 5139


Of course we were not the only ones there, even near to closing there were people streaming in and such. But not to worry about crowds. The space in the cafe is ample and there are enough dogs to go around for everyone.

I’ll now stop blabbering and leave you with a picture blast!

DSC 5141

DSC 5146


DSC 5155


DSC 5157

DSC 5161


DSC 5170


DSC 5175


Needless to say the girls loved it there.


Here’s the address if you’re as much a dog lover as we are!


Cafe Gaene Myeongdong

46, Myeongdong 4-gil, Jung-guSeoulSouth Korea

Tel. 070-4253-9497 (One of the dogs might pick up the phone though)



Well this isn’t the only dog cafe in Seoul but if you’re ever in the area, it is definately interesting to just drop by and check out cafe gaene, the dog cafe in myeongdong.