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Thailand Trip 2014

Ok, So again, we set off for what seems to be a yearly affair now.

DSC 4159

DSC 4167

This year was a pretty rushed trip. Of which i only brought the DSLR out for the first day.

IMG 4349

Awesome food of course. As always, i’ll detail this in a later post. And you guys can check it out when you’re there.

DSC 4188

Booboo’s were spotted.

DSC 4196

And it was back to RCA Karting circuit again.

We didn’t shoot guns this round as monetary constraints were a factor this trip.

IMG 4351

DSC 4206

Overall i’d say bangkok never fails to amuse me.

There’s always something new to see and learn everytime i go there.

DSC 4211

IMG 4369

And what about this awesome rottie statue we saw at chatuchak market? Nope, did not get it. sadly.

Coulda woulda shoulda though.

IMG 4390

Heck of a trip.

Clarence will be leaving for his training some months down the road. Am really hoping to be able to catch another trip to the land of smiles before he does.

IMG 4393

This pic means alot~ Ask me about it when you see me. I’ll fill you in.

IMG 4399

Till the next post. Stay awesome.

Back to Thailand soon!

Well i’m excited!

We’re headed back to thailand again next month and i can’t wait!

Its been too long since i’ve taken a nice trip away from singapore and bangkok’s gonna be the saving grace.

DSC 3276

Perhaps we’ll go shooting again. hmm.

DSC 3354

And oh don’t get me started on the awesome street food!


DSC 3318

Or exploring the arty side of bangkok. Either way its going to be a blast!

Well i’ll blog on that so.. Stay tuned!


Thailand 2013

This year i couldn’t find the luck to travel anywhere. So when my cousin Clarence proposed that we travel somewhere i was excited.

After all the bickering about places we could and should go, we decided to settle for a safe choice, Bangkok Thailand.

DSC 3090

And oh boy was this one of the most interesting trips ever.

Following is the rampage of pictures taken over the course of 4 days.

DSC 3096


DSC 3104

DSC 3106

Old rides~ lovely.


DSC 3118

Food was always on our radar. And boy were they good.


DSC 3122DSC 3120DSC 3121

DSC 3357

And i was always buying seconds

DSC 3361


DSC 3135

We headed to an army camp. And shot a whole bunch of guns~

DSC 3145

DSC 3157

DSC 3178

Every shot made it all the more fun

DSC 3215

DSC 3236


DSC 3253

DSC 3277


DSC 3312

I had fun loitering half abandoned places too taking random shots

DSC 3314

DSC 3315

DSC 3305

DSC 3317

Some very beautiful grafitti

DSC 3322DSC 3323


DSC 3326

DSC 3328

DSC 3329DSC 3330

DSC 3338


DSC 3370

And again. Thailand wouldn’t be complete without visiting Chatuchak.


DSC 3369

The short post about the trip ends here! To be honest we were supposed to take lots of photos and videos but that plan was soon forgotten after we hit the ground running and started experiencing thailand with a heck load of fun.

Here are some other random shots to end the post! I promise after my next trip i would do a proper post

DSC 3375

DSC 3373

DSC 3381

DSC 3384

Thailand Trip 2012

Well, its the time of the year for travel again. And this year we’re back to Bangkok.

However it was just a short 3 day trip which left us rushing around here and there.

DSC 8207

MBK, never fails to have us happily buying cheap gadgetry add-ons.

DSC 8216

Sissy wanted to try out box of deep fried mealworms.

DSC 8219

All of us did.


DSC 8220

Fancy listening devices?


DSC 8223

Or varied replica grade watches? Read my post on replicas here.

DSC 8234

The oh so lovely thai food

DSC 8236


DSC 8249

Try it. i dare you




DSC 8261

With the inevitable closure of suanlum night bazaar, here is something the sprouted out from, Asiatique.

DSC 8263

Not as lively and fun as suan lum used to be, but it suffices.


DSC 8268

Also comes with a nice riverside view.


DSC 8283

No thailand trip is complete without a visit to shopping heaven, chatuchak.

DSC 8288


DSC 8291


And my favourite part of the trip. Go-Karting at RCA Plaza

DSC 8327


DSC 8331


DSC 8418

Good fun all in, will do a post on it someday.


DSC 8471

Friendly stray

DSC 8473


DSC 8514

The last day we rushed through the streets of wholesale market, sampeng. Loved it.


DSC 8520

DSC 8519

So did sis.


DSC 8522


Well it was a short, rushed but nevertheless fun trip.

Till next year land of smiles. will be back~