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Thailand Trip 2014

Ok, So again, we set off for what seems to be a yearly affair now.

DSC 4159

DSC 4167

This year was a pretty rushed trip. Of which i only brought the DSLR out for the first day.

IMG 4349

Awesome food of course. As always, i’ll detail this in a later post. And you guys can check it out when you’re there.

DSC 4188

Booboo’s were spotted.

DSC 4196

And it was back to RCA Karting circuit again.

We didn’t shoot guns this round as monetary constraints were a factor this trip.

IMG 4351

DSC 4206

Overall i’d say bangkok never fails to amuse me.

There’s always something new to see and learn everytime i go there.

DSC 4211

IMG 4369

And what about this awesome rottie statue we saw at chatuchak market? Nope, did not get it. sadly.

Coulda woulda shoulda though.

IMG 4390

Heck of a trip.

Clarence will be leaving for his training some months down the road. Am really hoping to be able to catch another trip to the land of smiles before he does.

IMG 4393

This pic means alot~ Ask me about it when you see me. I’ll fill you in.

IMG 4399

Till the next post. Stay awesome.