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Kidrobot Adventure Time Puff Jake N Lil Finn


Everytime we pop by the toy store on the weekends, I seem to see this Kidrobot piece sitting on the shelves. Being an avid fan of Adventure Time, I can remember of times I’d be whining about how awesome the toy is.

Recently, Cheryl bought it for me as a surprise! And lo and behold, I present you, the Kidrobot Adventure Time Puff Jake N Lil Finn Medium sized figure.


Striking on the side of the box, we see a graffiti scribbling of the Puff Jake N Lil’ Finn words. And the back showcases a graphic rendering of the toy.


The top of the box features Finn’s face, he doesn’t look too pleased. Nay, he looks badass!


In the usual Kidrobot fashion(I looove the way they do their packaging by the way), they left little tinges of easter eggs around the box. On the bottom, there is a little print that reads “designed with the feelings of liking someone a lot”. Aww.


And even on the flaps once you open the box! Gotta love the little detail bits they put into this. Appreciate the effort!


Ok now let’s get to talking about the figure itself, here we’re looking at a 6″ limited edition figure, with the stretchy “he-can-be-ANYTHING” Jake in the form of a parka, covering a badass looking Finn, who is also plugged in listening to some tunes from BMO. We can only assume Hip-Hop’s finest playlist playing, either that of the symphonica plonks of a modular synth.


Finn’s face features a print/paint on, looking grim and fierce, with Jake looking all happy with a gleam in his eye.


Oh, and we can’t forget about little BMO, who’s clipped onto his waist.


On the back, we see Jake’s legs and his cute little tail dangling, one grip I have though, was Finn’s flat feet/shoes, no biggie, but would have preferred proper kicks and feet.


We also see Finn’s backpack and his sword! Which is a pretty neat touch! Nice details on the hilt too!

Am really glad to have gotten this piece! Now, to hunt for the elusive Jake and Rainicorn one.

Thanks for reading through this! If you’d like to see more of it, Cheryl and I have unboxed in this Rookie Collectibles episode.

Fast forward to 13:00mins to see it if Funko’s are not your thing.

Stay frosty! Keep collecting!

Nooka Zub Zot 20 Adventure Time Finn

As usual, being an instagram warrior, i came across this post by Nooka.


It was the Nooka Zub Zot 20 Adventure Time Finn edition on sale! I guess Finn’s isn’t that much loved a character compared to Jake and BMO but ah well. We’re all Adventure Time fans so this is awesome!

And ordered it in i did!
This was another one of the much needed “birthday present for myself” excuse.


The watch came in this soft rubbery packaging. Which a little card within says you can reuse the material for uses like microwaving your food?! Not that it matters to the most of us anyways.


Oh. I seem to have forgotten to mention about nooka. They’re a novelty watch company from New York that makes digital watches that are, well, hard to read.


That being said though flipping after through the manual and setting it up you feel like a genius and proclaim your readiness in showing off your new “timepiece/toy” and baffle your friends.

The Nooka Zub Zot 20 Adventure Time Finn edition features the familiar blue that the character Finn wears in adventure time. And of course, the face of the watch is… Finn’s face!


And here’s how to read the Nooka Zub Zot 20.
The dots represents the hours, the minutes are in the form of the bar below the dots. And the second numbers are in the little box at the bottom left of the watch.

So, in the case of the picture below, the time would be?



As always, stay awesome~

Adventure Time Swag~

We all love Adventure Time.

Yes i still watch cartoons. I mean like come on, we’re all just finding ways to let our inner kid out.

But hey! The concept of the show is pretty cute and it has a pretty interesting plot so why not!

Well if you haven’t, i strongly recommend you catch it.¬†Truth be told i stumbled across the show when my sister was watching it on tele. And the years that followed resulted in some adventure time swag which we all love dearly.


IMG 6167

Awesome BMO Figure


IMG 9293

This awesome Jake Stuffed toy that i got for sissy from Thailand


IMG 1515

This Gunter toy which has found residence in my car now.


Yes thats it, well i am super tempted by the Adventure Time watches thaNooka has put out but ah well nice stuff these days are just getting too expensive! Dexter has one. Tempts me everytime i see him wear it.

IMG 1516

As well as the POP figures. Hmm. But i probably won’t start that. I’m sure as heck that would set of a chain reaction of collecting a wide range, means a depletion of already scarce funds from my bank account. Sigh!


Ah well i’ll just stick to the random buys first then!