Lengkong Empat

When i was just born. mmhmm. which makes it a LONG LONG time ago. the first place i lived in was Lengkong Empat, this cluster of houses in the kembangan area of Singapore.

Although i have to say i can’t remember much from the times there, i’ve heard stories from my grandaddy and maid that the house was haunted. Maybe if you look closer at some of the pics.. hmmm.. HAHA!

Living Room where granddad is believed to have encountered something. Love the wall mounted phone though.

dining hall – Can you spot my phonics learning chart? HAHA

Ahh. Old school tv. Can you spot my sofa?

In House Bar~

Stairs to the Upper Level. Maid says that she hears footsteps up and down the stairs on occasional nights. hmm .. maybe i’ve been sleepwalking.

Red inspired kitchen. haha!

This was probably where my diapers were changed. heehee. do you have photos of where yours were?

ooo.. wonder who’s room might this be?

peepee and da poopoo happens here. DUH.

OMG! Whats that on the bed?!! oh wait .. its me.

Stayed there till i was about 3, then after which we moved over to the upp paya lebar area (Tai Keng Gardens) where i spent the majority of my childhood there.

So this is the first place i lived in, whats yours?

Room – 17th May 2010

Yes! you didnt see the date wrong, it says 17th May. Well this shots of my room, well more of workspace then was for the submission of OTACOOL 3, a magazine that showcases otaku related workspaces around the world.

They did say everyone would get chosen, but apparently mine wasn’t T.T due to some reasons, oh well. what are you going to do? sad sad.

Anyhoo. Here are the shots of the room then!

Stitch! My favourite character!

Many Anime Girlies~

Humping Usb Dog~

21.5 inch iMac and M-audio Keyboard~


An always crashing Vaio CS

That was the room then! Stay tuned for more room updates

Singapore Flyer

Well i have been to the Flyer on a couple of occasions already. Opened in early 2008, it looms over the Marina area looking over the Skyline of Singapore.

My first time up there was my mum’s birthday, someone gave her VIP tickets, which means only the four of us getting the whole cabin to ourselves!

Check out the VIP waiting lounge~

The VIP lounge has its own LCD tv to keep guests entertained, as well as a bar!

The tele


Then when you get on the capsule itself, you get to choose if you want cocktail or mocktail. And .. peanuts~

Overall the view is pretty nice, especially when i went, it was during the rehearsal of the National Day Parade as well as construction works going on at the completed Marina Bay Sands. But i do feel that time is too short up there on the wheel.

Prices are not exactly cheap either, except for student discounts on some days. The flyer is pretty pointless to go again and again. Only if its with friends or family as i’ve got to say that the time spent up there with them is golden. Better yet if you book the whole capsule for your other half or probably have a dinner in the capsule itself! (which will BLOW A HUGE HOLE IN YOUR POCKET).

Not all fun though should you get stuck in it like these folks when the flyer malfunctioned and jammed for six hours in 2008. Sure wouldnt want to be in that one, especially if you have issues holding your pee. But they have fixed the problem and nothing of the sort has been arising ever since.

However if you are a tourist visiting the country, i feel that its an experience taking the largest observation wheel in the world and highly recommend you to go for it.

Click here to check out the Flyer’s website.

Family Outings to the Singapore Flyer can be a real fun affair.

So, do you wanna go to the flyer? or have going? or is going?


As far as i can remember when i was a wee lad, ok, maybe not so wee.

As far as i can remember, birthdays has always been an annual thing for me. As well as sissy. Mum and Dad has always made the special dat every year, well, special. There is always a theme every year. Yea. Theme.

Mum always has the most special tricks up her sleeves to host the most kickass parties for us. Themes range from soccer, airplanes, to princesses and Do-It-Yourself birthday cakes for sissy!

They never fail to make it special, oh and did i mention the presents? Its a yearly affair where i’d always look forward to the loads and loads of presents! But i don’t get much prezzies now though. =/

I’ll go through all my past birthdays here soon! and i don’t think that’ll end just yet, like hey, there’s always one every year. So keep coming back to check them out!

Hi All!

Hi everyone! Its Daniel here, welcome to my new blog/site!

You’ll find everything new and old and little bits and pieces of my life in here!

Hope the navigation in this WordPress based site is to your liking and preference compared to my blogger site, which will still be up if you guys are interested in my previous bits of life during secondary school! of which most will still be covered again here from time to time. so i do hope you guys stay tuned to this site here! Keep it in mind, Link it, Rss it, Bookmark it, Save it, Drink it, or whatever! i guarantee you an interesting ride for the posts i’ll post here.

But for the moment, please allow me to do some last minute changes to the site and fixing of most stuff here, and the lots of projects and activities i have currently!

Betterdanthis will be up and running, REAL REAL SOON.

Thank you!