I’ll Wait for You to Say It [EP]

Recorded in 2011 with the iMac Home Studio Set-up with pretty basic equipment, certainly a notch up on the recording end compared to the previous EP.
The EP brings 4 tracks never before released, written over the course of the past few years. The direction intended for the songs are darker than “IMPULSE” yet bringing a sense of familiarity in song style and personal experience to most people out there, it is an EP that i hope most people can “relate” to.
The EP kicks off with an Instrumental number that leads the listeners from a light feel into a downturn into much heavier feelings which carries out throughout the other tracks. The 3 Songs that follow have all been written in different years, Carousels spanned across 2010 into 2011, Battle Scars in 2009 and When the World Begins to End in 2007.
Hope you enjoy this EP as much as i have done making it.
Here, download away! (don’t forget to spread the word!)
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