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Poto Challen 2 – Raw

This week sees the theme picked by Huiyi – Raw.

We also welcome an addition to the Poto Challen team, Alan.

Check out the submissions for the week!

#potochallen2 – raw #potochallen

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Raw preperation. #potochallen #potochallen2 #food #leica #dlux #typ109 #thailand #instatravel #raw

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Raw emotion | Popo’s back! Please don’t scare us again.

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A little girl, untouched by societal influence, displays raw innocence. #potochallen #raw #potochallen2

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Raw stuff. #potochallen #potochallen2 #China #Xian

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Transportation. Public. Public Transportation.

It comes as no secret I have a fond love and admiration for cars. Much appreciation to Karl Benz for inventing the first one. Who’d knew if he stole the idea or something but heck, if he didn’t, could you imagine what life would be now? 

I’d be all “eh i’m gonna go out and start the horse and get ready to gallop to the malls.” And convoy’s would be like, “our red horse Ferrari’s damn good la. Bo bei zao ahhhh.” Well you get the idea. 

(Photo Source: Mothership SG) (lol must credit later kena sue)

Cars are the best! Why are they not? They’re comfortable, respond to your input when you pilot them. They get you from point A to point B convenient and efficiently. 

I have always been one who’d drive everywhere. Even if it was nearby just to get chips from the nearby store. 

But as I embark on a new job, this habit of mine has to sadly be left behind. You see, the office of my workplace is situated in bugis. Thats right at the edge of the CBD town center, but not quite. If i drive. I’d be subjected to ERP’s as well as crazy parking rates. That’s $25 a day just to drive. That’s nuts. 

So public transport it is for the commute to work! The immense feeling of swa-ku-ness (mountain tortoise) being back in a bus/train. The crowds. The standing. The squeezing. The grumpy office drones in the morning. 

See. All these peeps were waiting for the same bus i’m getting on. 

Its pretty tough to find a seat in the mornings. That being said though. Its not too bad once you get the hang of it. I generally avoid trains in the morning now. They’re insanely packed. I quote my mom “the train station exits at peak hour are like salmon spawning.” Its no wonder the high breakdown rates! But that for a future post perhaps. 

Thankfully there’s a bus service that takes me straight from a bus stop near my place to work. 

Oh! Have I showed you my very most patriotic EZ-Link card yet?

SG50 yo. lah! 

It takes a 10 mins walk to the bus stop. Wait for the bus. A 45 mins journey, then another 10 mins walk to the office after. 

Here’s one thing that I begun to enjoy during the commute to work. Having my favourite tunes in my ear, not worrying about blindspots, trying to change lanes and cyclists. 

With that time, i’m able to surf, tweet, insta, fb, errthang! This post is typed out whilst in the bus! Though the erratic braking the bus uncle is doing makes me feel a wee bit like puking. 

Before I end the post though, I have a make a note. I used to really hate it, but now, I LOVE BUS LANES. They’re a real lifesaver. 

So now Summer sits at home looking all pretty in the driveway. And the only time i drive her is at night after work or on weekends (which I very much look forward to getting back into the drivers seat.) 

But hey. Public transport isn’t all too bad. Though yes the bumpy bus, the crowds, but you have that extra time while travelling to fiddle around with your phone (can’t do that while driving, the TP snipers are everywhere now!) A look at the busy world going around outside through the huge panes of glass. And the occasional nice people on the bus that gives up their seat to an elder (super cliche I know). No constant urge to overtake the slowpoke in front of you. No frustating blasts of the horn, and no combo of vulgarities when someone cuts you off. 

All in all. Its not too bad. Cars imo are still the best. But yeah, public transport’s pretty great too. 

Jul-Aug Update

Yes, i have not been posting for the past weeks. That I am pretty much aware of. Have been busy, the good kind I might add.

Recently got a job at an awesome tech startup. Lovely people and fun culture makes tough tasks great. More on that in the future I guess~

Either way, here’s a short update on whats been happening recently. I seriously have got to be more “on the ball” with my postings huh. Also have been neglecting GGR. So we’d try upload something soon too! Do stay tuned for that!

IMG 1667

Granny got a pretty huge operation done recently, there was a cyst in her liver, which might have been cancerous. So the best option was to get that out ASAP. Op went successful, and all is well with the world now 🙂

IMG 1688

IMG 1822

Left town over the national day weekend for a quick cruise. My first time on such a massive ship! (Jean says that its the smallest of the star cruise fleet though.) Either way I had fun, pretty relaxing and chill, also the awesome food offered at the buffet line. Yum.

IMG 1845

Oh! and Jean won herself some dough playing bingo. 3 rounds of which for me had be going home with nothing. Poop.

IMG 1888

Dad test drove the Porsche Macan (its pronounced Ma-Chan). Which I pretty much enjoyed. Though i’d probably have a better impression if they allowed me behind the wheel. Darn the new insurance clauses. I did however find this dude chilling in the backseat of a Porsche 911 in the showroom.

IMG 1896

And we caught Echosmith live!

IMG 1965

Sab was lucky enough to have her hand grabbed by sydney when she came over. As you can see in this picture, everyone swarmed towards her, which left me in the center of the outstretched celebrity wanting hands.

IMG 1993

All in all it was a pretty good show.

IMG 2012

Not a too long update. But I promise more posts ok! Once I find free time!

Stay Awesome all!


Happy New Year 2015!


My goodness where have i been.

Its been an interesting and indeed busy start to the start of the year.

Lots of things that needs to be done and all.
I seem to be late in posting here as well as uploads for GGR episodes. But we’re back on track!

So lets try keep this going shall we?
The best update so far is the latest addition to the Lee family fleet.
With this beautiful blue Mini Cooper S Paceman.


Love it. We’re a MINI family now. Yay!

I had the chance to get a close up look at the beautiful BMW i8 too but another post on the car someday.


Meanwhile i have to get back to the barrage of assignments that fills to the brim on my laptop screen now.

Catch you nerds soon!
Stay awesome~

Cat Cafe in Myeongdong

Alrighty. So i have already covered the dog cafe for dog lovers, and not to worry i did not miss you out feline peeps.

Before we left, we checked out the Cat Cafe in Myeongdong.
Its all around the same area so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

DSC 6379

DSC 6382

For the cat cafe, we switched out our shoes for slippers before entering.

DSC 6385

DSC 6387

Again, we dished out 8,000 won each and got ourselves a free drink and lots of meow to hang out with.

DSC 6390

Cats, Everywhere. And not as dog smell-y as the dog cafe!

DSC 6396

The cats here are generally more chill, sassy and just downright can’t be bothered about you. But toys are provided for you to catch their attention.

DSC 6403

DSC 6404

DSC 6417

DSC 6426

DSC 6432

DSC 6437

DSC 6445

DSC 6448

Most of them though were just being sleepy heads.

DSC 6455

DSC 6457

DSC 6470

And of course, as always, with cats, an intense discussion was held.

DSC 6480

This playful little rascal was trying to yank on Jean’s coat zipper.

DSC 6508

And the inquisitive ones were just.. inquisitive.

DSC 6516

All in all, these themed cafe’s that korea offers are interesting and certainly engaging.

Again, if you wanna check out some pussy in South Korea. Do check out the Cat Cafe in Myeongdong.

BRAVIA S9000B – Press Release

Sony has just released its Curved TV wonder, the BRAVIA S9000B.

Fully Immersive, 4K Ultra HD seems pretty badass already and they’re boasting now a Multi-angle Live Speaker system built in which is now rubbing it in towards the competitors. Oh, And its a massive 65″ monster. Man, this will redefine playing games and watching soccer.


KD 65S9000B  1

Here’s the Press Release and more details.


Discover the Perfect Curve

BRAVIA™ S9000B envelopes you in an immersive experience of fabulous 4K visuals and thrilling surround sound

(SINGAPORE, 03 September 2014) – There are ordinary TVs, and there is the fabulous new BRAVIA™ S9000B 4K Ultra HD television that guarantees your entertainment is always in beautiful shape.


Available in 65-inch, the S9000B unveils a slim, subtly contoured screen for spectacularly immersive, natural-looking 4K visuals with four times more details than Full HD. The screen’s precisely-calculated curve offers a natural sense of depth and realism, pulling you right into the action, and making lifelike viewing comfortable for everyone in the room. The beautiful shape of the curved screen also fits perfectly to the wall.


Are you mad for movies, drama or sport? Advanced Sony picture technologies bring your favourite entertainment to life with thrilling clarity, brightness and colour.


KD 65S9000B  4


Immersive picture, curved perfection

You will discover a new world of detail with Sony’s 4K X-Reality™ PRO technology that up-scales regular TV broadcasts and Blu-ray movies to four times more details than Full HD. At the same time, X-tended Dynamic Range™ intelligently boosts brightness and contrast for sparkling highlights and deep blacks, while TRILUMINOS™ Display expresses the emotion of every scene with richly opulent reds, greens and blues. The picture quality on the S9000B is the same as what you will find on the critically-acclaimed Sony X9000B 4K TV.


Thrilling multi-channel sound all around

Featuring for the very first time, the all-new 4.2 channel Multi-angle Live Speaker system by Sony uses separate drive units that accurately direct Left and Right front and surround channels into the room at carefully-controlled angles. ClearAudio+ Discrete Processing preserves all the individual detail of original multi-channel mixes for exceptional clarity and definition. Sit back and relax: you’re immersed in expansive, uncompromised 360° surround sound that seems to wrap all around you.


Embrace the perfect curve with Sony.


The new BRAVIA™ S9000B 4K Ultra HD TV from Sony will be available in Singapore from mid-October onwards.



Specifications Sheet

Screen Size

65” (KD-65S9000B)


4K (3840×2160)

Picture Engine

4K X-Reality™ PRO



Brightness & Contrast

X-tended Dynamic Range™


Motionflow XR800Hz

Speaker System

4.2ch Multi-angle Live Speaker with Discrete Processing

One-Flick Entertainment

Quick Start & Playback; Direct Access with new User Interface; Intuitive Control with One-Flick Remote

User Experience

Social Viewing; Live Football Mode; One-touch mirroring; Photo share


Active (two pairs of glasses supplied)

Skype Camera and mic


One-Flick Remote



About Sony Electronics (Singapore) & Sony South East Asia

Sony Electronics (Singapore) was established on 1st October 1999 with business activities comprising engineering and manufacturing, sales and marketing, and logistics and information systems. As part of Sony Electronics (Singapore), Sony South East Asia is responsible for the marketing and sales of consumer products in Singapore, as well as for business and professional products in Singapore and other countries in the South East Asia region. It also handles export business for consumer products from Singapore to various parts of Asia. Since establishing our presence in Singapore in 1973, we have grown steadily over the years to become a leader in the consumer electronics market. For more information on Sony’s products and services in Singapore, please visit





Picture Blast!


KD 65S9000B Lifestyle  1


KD 65S9000B Lifestyle  4


KD 65S9000B Lifestyle  2


Ok, here’s the bombload. This TV costs SGD S$8,999. Deep pockets are required for purchasing this beauty.

It comes with 2 Active 3D Glasses, 1 One Flick Remote Control. And Sony’s also offering free wall-mount, installation and a 1+2 Years extended warranty.

Alongside that, you’re also going to redeem for yourself a Playstation 4 Black without camera that’s worth S$639, an Xperia Z3 Black worth $998 and Sony’s brand spanking new 4K portable hard drive that comes pre-loaded with 10 Hollywood Movies in 4K.

This promotion is valid only for the purchase of the BRAVIA S9000B from 9 to 31 October 2014 at selected participating Sony Authorised Dealers.

Its expensive, though i’d have to say.. the Goodies that come with are tempting. Well if you’re looking for a Curved Ultra HD 4K TV. There you go~

Back to Thailand soon!

Well i’m excited!

We’re headed back to thailand again next month and i can’t wait!

Its been too long since i’ve taken a nice trip away from singapore and bangkok’s gonna be the saving grace.

DSC 3276

Perhaps we’ll go shooting again. hmm.

DSC 3354

And oh don’t get me started on the awesome street food!


DSC 3318

Or exploring the arty side of bangkok. Either way its going to be a blast!

Well i’ll blog on that so.. Stay tuned!


OH! YA! Gyoza-Ya.

Located at Robinsons Orchard, where The Heeren once was, this speciality restaurant nests just below a spiral staircase at the basement level, well, the escalator through the mall leads you to it too but hey, you know something’s always good at the end of a spiral staircase.


IMG 3158

Now, I am not a huge fan of gyoza. Always ordered them as side dishes to my ramen but never particularly fond of it.

So heading down to a restaurant that’s primary dish is gyoza’s was something new to me. Nevertheless i headed on down with jean to check it out.

IMG 3161

At the entrance we were greeted with this poster of what seems to be a new style of Jia jiang mian, which is called “jyajya men” there. IMG 3151

The noodles come standard with an assortment of sauces, some of which are already ready for adding to your food on the table, then before you slurp the last few mouths, you crack an egg and mix. Then the “gyoza crew” will head over and pour soup base into your bowl turning it into a delicious delight.

Had to order one. And i did.

IMG 3155


IMG 3141


IMG 3148


We ordered this for a start, chicken soft bone. And i guess its pretty much and acquired taste/feel type of thing. Didn’t really enjoy it, should have gone for the karaage.

IMG 3152

Then the Gyoza arrived. With a balanced and crisp texture that leaves a mild crunch and the spurting of taste into every bite accompanied by the tang of the gyoza sauce provided. It was indeed one of the best i have ever tried. Probably one of the finest gyoza’s you can get in Singapore (nowhere else comes close. no. seriously, your next best bet would be buying a ticket to japan), and they serve them at a good price too. The lingering after taste from the juicy gyoza innards made the trip down all worth while.

IMG 3150

Then my JyaJya Men arrived. The taste takes a few mouthful’s to get used to at first. but then it just takes you in and you start liking it more. Well probably attributing to the fact you start experimenting with adding the other condiments to find the best combination. Otherwise i feel the dish would have been pretty boring without the novelty of the steps you have to go through.

IMG 3154

With the soup added in though brought another feel altogether, i wouldn’t recommend adding the soup but hey you should try it out either way.

I went for a second serving of the JyaJya Men. (This speaks mountains. Now give it a go.)

Other nice touches that the establishment provides are these nice tissue packets on every table for its patrons. How thoughtful!

IMG 3147


Oh and if you’re into this, their yuzu soda is a nice drink addition to your meal, or if cold is not your thing, stick to their aromatic hot green tea. You won’t go wrong there.

IMG 3146


Overall an interesting experience, And a pretty nice ambience, well thats if you miss the lunch/dinner crowd, which in my opinion is the best time to head down to avoid queuing and the impatience that follows. The atmosphere that surrounds you as a patron isn’t too bad though i’d suggest if possible getting one of the corner long cushion bench styled seatings instead of the ones in the center. The staff there too are friendly and helpful, which is interestingly becoming a rare breed to find these days in singapore.

IMG 3156

IMG 3159

The handmade gyoza specialists are open from 11.30am to 10pm daily so if you ever have the sudden cravings for good gyoza or just want to give it a try, you know where to go. I’d say go for it, Gyoza-ya renders all other gyoza’s you have ever tried before locally taste like a deep fried wanton with blended cardboard fillings. Ok i might have gone to far there but no kidding, its good.


B1-02A Robinsons Orchard

260 Orchard Road

Singapore 238855 (Somerset MRT)

Phone: +65 67375581

For drivers/riders, I would recommend parking at the open air carpark opposite cathay cineleisure, though the bombardment of bird poo is inevitable, its the cheapest around the area. But hey, pros and cons right?


So foodies grab your food bibs on and go crazy on this one.

Meanwhile, stay hungry all~

Autoart RX-7

Amongst most brands of diecast cars. I’m interested in that of kyosho and autoart. 
A month back i started my foray into diecast scale model cars.

I recently ordered a car i knew i’ll probably never get the chance to own in my life.

The Mazda RX-7 FD3S.

IMG 1971

Love the Blue.

The detail that the company puts out for this particular car is brilliant. Right down to its recaro seats and pop up headlights.

IMG 1973IMG 1974

IMG 1972

Ah, still so very tempted to build my dream diecast garage. But i foresee that temptation bringing a huge hole in my pocket, coupled with all the other temptations around that need huge spending budgets. Sigh!

IMG 1975

Till then~

Lets Diecast!

Whale you or Whale you not? SHARKS!

I’ve always liked sharks. They’re badass and are the fearsome predator of the ocean. Most of the time we picture a Great White Shark in our minds when someone mentions the word shark. I think they’re cool and all but by far my all time favourite would be the Whale Shark.

DSC 8419

Years back on a trip to the Aquarium in Osaka “Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan”, which was massive by the way, i finally got the chance to see the Whale shark swim close up.

And oh boy was it majestic.

DSC 8468

Its not a looker but the fact that it swims with grace despite its sheer size deserves respect.

Some of them has been noted to reach lengths of 14 metres. And despite them being a shark, they are filter feeders, which means they only feed on plankton, krills and small fishes.

DSC 8475

Not harmful not harmful.

DSC 8476

But of course, one day, i do hope to get a diving certification and travel to mexico or cebu and get to dive/swim side by side with them.

DSC 8485

Do make sure to catch that post if the day ever comes!

Meanwhile, Shark away!