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Korea 2012

Ok with K-pop and K-Drama’s aside. Korea was, well, cold.

Especially at this time of the year. I recently visited in November and boy was it cold. With temperatures dropping to 0deg. at certain instances.

DSC 8898

That being said though, all in all, it was a rather beautiful place with good food and cheap shopping all round.

DSC 8913

DSC 8928

Place your lock of love here~


DSC 8964


DSC 8986

A teddy bear museum for all you teddy fanatics.

DSC 8991


DSC 9021

Food Glorious Food. and who can complain with Kimchi at every meal.

DSC 9026

If you do drop by seoul, you have to catch “cooking nanta” really brilliant show!

DSC 9028

And of course. Lotte World.

DSC 9034

Sat the many rides. Fun fun stuff.

DSC 9049

DSC 9078

Really really huge theme park with both and indoor and outdoor field with loads of rides and attractions.

DSC 9104

Had a go at ice skating too!


DSC 9125

DSC 9153

Fish market!

DSC 9155

Octo anyone?

DSC 9159

Or how about tiger prawns?

DSC 9177

And a blast of things~

DSC 9172

And guess what we ate?

DSC 9185

Diced live octopus~

DSC 9186


Didn’t stop everyone from getting the good stuff too!

DSC 9188

DSC 9227

The trickeye museum was pretty fun too!

DSC 9231

DSC 9238

DSC 9250

DSC 9273

DSC 9288

and i do what i do best!


DSC 9297

Plastic Surgery ads were plastered all around the city!


DSC 9313

The coex Aquarium was really nice too!

Though it did not have kickass whale sharks like the one in osaka did, marine animals still are awesome.

DSC 9315DSC 9346DSC 9362

DSC 9442

We left korea with this re-enactment of a royal family walk in the airport.

So far korea is a pretty nice place to visit. Loads of stuff there, though, that being said, its still best to plan out your trip schedule beforehand.


Thailand Trip 2012

Well, its the time of the year for travel again. And this year we’re back to Bangkok.

However it was just a short 3 day trip which left us rushing around here and there.

DSC 8207

MBK, never fails to have us happily buying cheap gadgetry add-ons.

DSC 8216

Sissy wanted to try out box of deep fried mealworms.

DSC 8219

All of us did.


DSC 8220

Fancy listening devices?


DSC 8223

Or varied replica grade watches? Read my post on replicas here.

DSC 8234

The oh so lovely thai food

DSC 8236


DSC 8249

Try it. i dare you




DSC 8261

With the inevitable closure of suanlum night bazaar, here is something the sprouted out from, Asiatique.

DSC 8263

Not as lively and fun as suan lum used to be, but it suffices.


DSC 8268

Also comes with a nice riverside view.


DSC 8283

No thailand trip is complete without a visit to shopping heaven, chatuchak.

DSC 8288


DSC 8291


And my favourite part of the trip. Go-Karting at RCA Plaza

DSC 8327


DSC 8331


DSC 8418

Good fun all in, will do a post on it someday.


DSC 8471

Friendly stray

DSC 8473


DSC 8514

The last day we rushed through the streets of wholesale market, sampeng. Loved it.


DSC 8520

DSC 8519

So did sis.


DSC 8522


Well it was a short, rushed but nevertheless fun trip.

Till next year land of smiles. will be back~


MMER 2012

Ok and this year’s Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race proved to be another thriller.

Though i was there working this time. I was right there where the action unfolded.

Right at the end though with a brilliant 1-2 finish from the Petronas Syntium Team meant a record hat-trick for the team.

You can read up the team race report about the race.

Here are my shots for the race. Though i’m in the pits the whole time.

DSC 7491

DSC 7498

DSC 7508

DSC 7530

DSC 7534

DSC 7536

The Clearwater racing Ferrari proved to be a tough challenger this year. really quick. though mechanical problems had them retire the race.

DSC 7570

Always beautiful the livery on the drivers helmets.

DSC 7581

DSC 7585

DSC 7604

Cheryl Tay showing off her camera skills. Read her blogpost on the race here!

DSC 7616

The LKM Porsche, which ended the race 3rd despite having a blown tyre during the race.

DSC 7623

Spotted some sogurt there. Needed some in the blistering Sepang Heat.

DSC 7625

Driver’s of Petronas Syntium Team Car#1 – Yanagida, Taniguchi and Ang

DSC 7642

DSC 7647

Car #28 Driver Fariqe Hairuman’s Helmet

DSC 7676

Lightning quick pitstops!

DSC 7702

Air Jack’s lift the car. Tyres off. Tyres on. all in a matter of seconds.

DSC 7723

DSC 7804

Twilight approaches as we go through to the night.

DSC 7871

Team Principal Dato’ David Wong looks on as 2 minutes left on the clock.

DSC 7878

Team Manager Gen Suzuki radio’s in for the Win.

DSC 7900

DSC 7934

Brilliant race overall i’d say.

Well this post isn’t a really comprehensive coverage. But its good enough do check out the Petronas Syntium Team’s Page on facebook and give them a “like” please!

Cheers Everyone!

Beijing Trip 2011 Part 5

An after dinner walk back to the hotel brought us to a street side food fair.

Not the type you’d expect.

DSC 2045

DSC 2048

DSC 2051

DSC 2054


Yeah. Scorpions, beetles and cockroaches. to name afew.

DSC 2055


Mustered up some courage. and tried it out.

DSC 2057

DSC 2064

DSC 2080

Letting sab try some.

DSC 2089


Did you think i wouldn’t give the seahorse a try?

DSC 2095

DSC 2097

DSC 2098

DSC 2108


Pop’s tried some too.

DSC 2118


A windy morning had us searching for food. and guess what. we found more street food!

DSC 2127

DSC 2125


Yeah more of them. they were moving about.

DSC 2129


Nah didn’t try those.

DSC 2131


some early morning mutton.

DSC 2135


With a heck load chilli powder.

DSC 2136

DSC 2138

DSC 2139


Beef ball soup?

DSC 2141

DSC 2146

DSC 2152


And guess what i decided to try? yeah. Sea Urchin.

DSC 2164


Was mixed with chilli sauce and wasabi. Boy did it taste Fishy

DSC 2175


Official Reaction.

DSC 2181

DSC 1249


Then it was off to the airport!

DSC 1255


Normal lunch

DSC 1256

DSC 1261

DSC 1280


Take off and it was home sweet home after!

DSC 1283

DSC 1284




Well hope you enjoyed the whole journey with me and my family. Definately a pretty fun place to visit.

Stay tuned for more. See you in the next post!

Beijing Trip 2011 Part 4


DSC 1687

A sleepy morning meant only one thing.

A loong loooong car ride to visit the GREAT WALL!

DSC 1702

DSC 1706

DSC 1709

Corn being dried on the side of the road.

DSC 1713

Finally Reaching

DSC 1722

DSC 1726


DSC 1738

A cable car ride brought us up.

DSC 1747

DSC 1749

Scenic and majestic. One of the Seven wonders of the world.

DSC 1761

DSC 1795

DSC 1809

DSC 1818

DSC 1825

DSC 1824

DSC 1823

DSC 1862

DSC 1869

Crazy Shaped Stairs.

DSC 1892

The long trek proved too daunting for some of us.

DSC 1908

DSC 1916

Then it was a fun fast slideway ride down. well the fast only lasted for awhile. Because we ended up behind an old lady a fifth down the track.

DSC 1923

Mom’s having fun.

DSC 1954

Yummy Lunch.

DSC 1955

DSC 1958

We headed back. And after a Free and Easy walk around. Dinner!

Something i was looking forwa all trip.

Beijing Roast Duck!

DSC 1992

DSC 1997

DSC 2003

DSC 2007

Dippers for the Duck

DSC 2014

The chef shows us our meal.

DSC 2019

Chops it up for us.

DSC 2022

And what followed was the best ever roast duck i have ever tasted in my life! PERIOD.

DSC 2011

DSC 2016

DSC 2033

DSC 2039

Here is a pic of all of us with our guide, Sunny.


Part 5 here!

Beijing Trip 2011 Part 3

DSC 1093

As we would. Mac’s Breakfast in another country, a definate must! i’ll do this in another post~

DSC 1106 DSC 1126

Zoomed past the “white house” of china. Not a tourist spot so we couldn’t go in. perhaps next time when i’m lucky enough to meet the premier of china.

DSC 1139

A shift of hotel’s as Dad’s giving a presention at a conference the next day.

DSC 1157

Behold summer palace. (and some dude’s face at the bottom left of this shot)

DSC 1165 DSC 1169

Apparently some emperor of the past had this place built for his momma.

DSC 1180 DSC 1188

Gonna have someone build something like this for my momma someday when i come into power. LOL

DSC 1193

Longest walkway in the world.

DSC 1199 DSC 1212

Next, sab piloted the boat to a shopping area which in the past was built for the emperor. This was because it was  too dangerous for him to go out and shop because he was afraid of assasination. so he had the place built for him to shop privately. what joy right?

DSC 1215 DSC 1232 DSC 1234 DSC 1256 DSC 1259 DSC 1269

Tried my hand at traditional chinese instruments.

DSC 1267 DSC 1291

People tend to read signs properly here.

DSC 1290 DSC 1292


DSC 1296 DSC 1302

Then it was. Behold behold. The Bird’s Nest Stadium. An icon for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

DSC 1327

Oh. y’know. just chillin. having an ice cream.

DSC 1337 DSC 1359

Carrying the torch.

DSC 1367

Gotta get that hairstyle someday.

DSC 1371 DSC 1375

To make even more money from us. they had segways for hire to ride around the track! As a tourist. couldn’t resist.

DSC 1399 DSC 1412 DSC 1419

Hmmm. sounds good.

DSC 1435 DSC 1436 DSC 1444

Checking out the water cube. Pity we didn’t bring our swimwear

DSC 1453 DSC 1448 DSC 1459

Sab’s pissed we couldn’t swim.

DSC 1464 DSC 1493


DSC 1511 DSC 1513

LOOOOVE the Xiao Long Bao!

DSC 1516

The next day. with dad attending his conference. we headed to pearl and silk street market. where y’know. stuff aren’t as real as they may be.

DSC 1540

Breakfast at yoshinoya’s.

DSC 1544 DSC 1549 DSC 1555

Ah.. toys city. i like the sound of that.

DSC 1557 DSC 1560 DSC 1559

This shot was taken by some guy at a camera accesory store. He got my attention by asking me how to use the remote on the camera. I thought him and aimed the cam at him. HA

Silk Street market.

Sab enjoy’s her new purchases.

DSC 1580

DSC 1579

Italian lunch

DSC 1581

DSC 1588

DSC 1590

DSC 1593

DSC 1594

DSC 1613

A suave looking Dad back from the conference.

DSC 1647

Oh yeah. i have to mention here. it is SUUUUPER hard to get a cab in Beijing.

DSC 1648

We waited.

DSC 1654

And waited.

DSC 1655

And waited.

DSC 1657

And gave up and had beef noodles around where we were instead.

DSC 1661

DSC 1666

DSC 1669

Then OMG guess what. Because we walked so far from the hotel to look for a cab. we had to hitch one back.

That meant…..

DSC 1670

After a slight drizzle, a 15 minute wait and 3 sets of cab stealers later.

DSC 1676


Part 4 Here

Beijing Trip 2011 Part 2

Here’s Part 2~

The Next day brought us up early into the airport for a domestic flight to Xi’an Province.

DSC 0650

DSC 0666

DSC 0678

The small plane zoomed with just one aisle down the center. not exactly a good place to run around.

DSC 0694

The landscape from the plane was brilliant as we flew over mountains and vast rivers.

Till we reached rainy Xi’an, and because it was a domestic flight, we had to get off onto the tarmac. in the rain.

DSC 0707

DSC 0710

DSC 0716

The rickety bus took us to the main terminal where our guide met us. and brought us to a more miniscule “great wall
that a previous emperor had built to protect the whole province(Xi’an [not to be confused with THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA])

DSC 0718

DSC 0721

Massive structures

DSC 0724

DSC 0737

DSC 0743

DSC 0761

Planking. Just had to do it.

DSC 0765

DSC 0777

Rain did not deter sab’s fun.

Then it was off to see how terracota warriors are made.

DSC 0790

DSC 0792

DSC 0817

DSC 0819

Food again!

DSC 0826

DSC 0832

DSC 0837

DSC 0838

DSC 0846

Rainy weather continued as we headed to see the real terracota warriors and learn more about the history of china.

DSC 0849

DSC 0855

Wasn’t supposed to snap this so i took it from a distance. this was the dude(farmer) who discovered the burial site for the terracota warriors.

DSC 0860

Huge huge place keeping the warriors.

Which till now, more new discoveries are being found as they continue exploring the areas.

DSC 0865

DSC 0879

DSC 0893

DSC 0904

DSC 0929

DSC 0988

The museum also housed ancient artifacts from that period.

DSC 1004

DSC 0997

DSC 1030

Then it was an average meal at the airport before heading back to the capital

DSC 1037

DSC 1038

DSC 1055

Yes, thanks for asking, there was still rain.

DSC 1065

DSC 1078

Landed in the dry dry beijing~

Went back to the hotel and K.O-ed.

And next. Part 3!

Beijing Trip 2011 Part 1

Hey all, ah sorry for the long hiatus since the last blog post. Well have been overseas on a few occasions and was too busy to post. Went to China and Malaysia recently and had loads of fun in both places.

Here is the summary of the trip to China~

And because marsedit does not let me post up the whole thing at a go, here it is in parts.

DSC 1166

DSC 1169

A night flight see’s us leaving at midnight and experiencing the dawn over china.

DSC 1170

DSC 1176

DSC 1181

A smooth landing brought us into Beijing, the capital.

DSC 1205

Bumpy roads greeted us as we made our way to the hotel. As well as the guide whom we hired for the trip.

DSC 1222

Then we headed out for some food~

KFC, was the menu for our breakfast.

DSC 0277

DSC 0280

DSC 0291

DSC 0292

DSC 0298

DSC 0302

DSC 0303

Beef rice, porridge and a suspiciously small portion of chicken set us on our way to the temple of heaven.

DSC 0309

DSC 0338

Really really big place.

DSC 0360

Then it was to the monumental Tiananmen Square!

DSC 0399

DSC 0420

As forbidden would forbid it. we went to the forbidden city.

DSC 0452

DSC 0468

Ice Cream’s along the way

DSC 0495

DSC 0517

DSC 0522

Lunch at a local restaurant. Good food~

DSC 0539DSC 0540

Then it was a rickshaw ride through old Beijing

DSC 0545

DSC 0548

After a that, dinner at a western joint

DSC 0637

And with Western Grub in our tummy’s we went back to the hotel and to bed, and rested for a tiring next day.

Part 2 Here!

Ratchaburi “Floating” Market Thailand

Why of course, i haven’t blogged about this before, in its magnificent hot and sweaty feel as well as the bumpy boat rides would bring, the Floating Market in Thailand is certainly a destination not to be missed when visitng the country. Located just a 100km away from bangkok, what more to bring shopping to a whole new level by purchasing stuff from boat to boat?

Mom had us wake up extra early to get ready for the trip there, we then boarded a mini van and headed down from the hotel.

DSC 9417

Upon reaching we joined the queue and found ourselves a boat from all the touting “ship captains.” Because we alighted at a distance from the floating market, means we had to take another boat to get there.

DSC 9426

The narrow and squeaky boat zoomed along the river towards the floating market.

DSC 9428

DSC 9433

Surprisingly fast for a rundown looking boat.

DSC 9437

Really clean waters. mmm mmm~

DSC 9439

When we reached, we had to switch to boats like this which has a dude rowing at the back singing bird thongcai’s tunes. (no i was kidding)

hordes of boats parked along side the banks side by side selling, well, everything really.

DSC 9463


DSC 9459

Yeah we got one.

DSC 9464

Or how about some soupy noodles?

DSC 9468

So look here, she has basically a whole mobile boat kitchen here with ingredients and all just out in the open.

DSC 9470

Preps the food right there and then, although there are loads of houseflies around, whats a holiday if you don’t eat dirty food right? HAHA

DSC 9471

DSC 9474

DSC 9478

DSC 9479

And to be honest, it tasted pretty good! hmmmm. must be the flies.

DSC 9466

Oh yeah, no kidding. Urns.

DSC 9467

There are riverbankside shops and the boat rowers would bring the boat right next to them while the shopkeepers would try to hardsell their stuff to you.

DSC 9447

Lots of boats means lots of knocking around here and there colliding with other boats occasionally.

DSC 9483

DSC 9455

How about a little chanel and gucci stuff?

DSC 9456

All in all pretty fun experience and definately a must go if you have never been there before.

DSC 9494

McDonald’s Japan

Now we all love our favourite fast food chain McDonald’s, which is probably the biggest fastfood chain in the world. And, well, also my favourite.

Here is something i came across on the internet about McD’s having loads different types of special unique items in their menu’s all over the world! From Soups, to beer and even oven baked rolls!

But that being said, the strongest impression of any overseas macs i’ve been to is Japan.

Here are some shots from the McDonald’s in Japan taken during the trip there in 08 and 09.

Here are the 09 shots where we took a break at mcd’s after a long walk around shinsaibashi in osaka:

Mc Nuggets


Sab enjoying fries and Icecream.

Here is a morning breakfast i had with some mates in the hotel room during the school band trip to tokyo in 08:

Really beautiful packaging there

Sausage egg mcmuffin


And what i loved the most, Pokemon cups. HAHA!

On the menu was a McPork, which we don’t have here in Singapore, missed out on trying that though but ah well, there’ll be others~

To be honest, they food there tasted the same as you would have in Singapore, but definately i’d say there’d be differences compared to those served in American or European countries.

I’ll do a post on Singapore’s McDonald’s one day so do stay tuned for that!

I’m lovin it~