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Photowalk – Superheadz: Korea 2015

The elusive Nikon FM2 is still not within my reach. But as far as film goes, the trusty Superheadz that Dexter gave me seems like a winner. It is still amazing what toy camera’s can do.

Earlier in the year we travelled to South Korea, yes, again. And instead of lugging the heavy D7000 along, I decided that the trip should just be done on my toy camera.

So here, as always, a photowalk of Seoul, taken with the 35mm toy camera goodness.












Why did it take so long? I just didn’t get round to having them developed. Perhaps I should try developing them myself.

Stay tuned for the next photowalk!

Oh, and see the rest of the Superheadz shots here!

Stay chill all~

Photowalk – 21 Sep 2014 – 35mm Fun

Last year, Dexter passed me the superheadz ultra wide angle toy camera. Blue Ribbon logo marks the camera and my first foray into the pricey world of film.

Long was it kept in my dry cabinet since then, i finally took it out for a day of random shots. I found a box of Kodak 200’s that jean got me years ago. Which was expired. So apparently expired film can give quite a nice touch to the photos too! (Pardon the noob-ness novice at film here).

So do check out the photos with an open heart and mind. Enjoy!




























Cousin Clarence was out with me that day. Orchard brought forth quite a couple of nice angles to catch. Not to mention the awesome porsches. We ended out with flying the Phantom, which will be in another blogpost.

Till the next photowalk. 
Stay snappy!

Nikon D750 – Press Release

Its no secret i love photography. How it all started was with none other than the entry level Nikon D60 back in 2008.

Enjoyed it i did. Since then, i’d always look up to the people who owned FX format cameras. It was indeed a step up from the DX entry level that i was learning. Even now my primary camera is a DX format D7000. Amazing it is though how as a company nikon has came such a long way.

The latest iteration comes in the form of the Nikon D750, the company’s smallest and lightest FX-Format camera. It boasts built-in Wi-Fi, tilting monitor for overhead and low-to-high shots, 24.3 megapixels, a 91K-pixel RGB sensor as well as a 6.5 fps burst rate.


D750 ambience 2


I’ll let the press release do the talking for the next part.

Nikon D750 Press Release:


New Nikon D750 is at the Pinnacle of Innovation, Offering Performance and Maneuverability

With superior maneuverability and agility in a powerful, compact package, the revolutionary Nikon D750 is packed with features to provide photographers all they need to capture stunning images.

SINGAPORE – Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of the new D750, the smallest and lightest Nikon FX-format camera.


The innovative D750 challenges the common assumption that the higher a DSLR’s specifications, the bulkier it becomes. The D750 includes revolutionary technologies designed to offer a strong, lightweight camera without compromising image quality. Its powerful FX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 4 image-processing engine are packed into a monocoque structure framed by carbon fiber composite material (new material*4), and magnesium alloy to provide nimble durability while producing beautiful, balanced shots. Aimed at a discerning audience, the D750 is a superior camera with similar full- scale features and performance as those in the high-end range to offer photographers the room to expand their capabilities and evolve their skills.


“With a 24.3 megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor, built in Wi-Fi®*2,cutting-edge engineering, and superior maneuverability, the D750 provides everything a photographer needs to create and share incredible images in a single device,” said Garland Mak, Deputy General Manager of International Marketing Division Imaging Group, Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd. “The D750 is synonymous with a crafted perfection of an ideal FX- format camera in its minimal weight and frame accompanied by compelling features for the closest true-to-life imaging experience.”


D750 Primary Features

1.Rich image quality paired with exceptional technology Stunning output quality: The 24.3 megapixel CMOS sensor combines with

ISO sensitivities. An effective ISO range from 100 to 12800, also expandable from Lo 1 (ISO 50 equivalent) right up to Hi 2 (ISO 51200 equivalent), is achieved through enhanced performance of image processing to offer images with minimal noise

regardless of ambient light.

Powerful image processing: The EXPEED 4 image-processing engine delivers stunning shots, boosting image superiority over its predecessor. Enhancements include improved noise reduction performance at high ISO sensitivities, as well as upgraded depth and clarity in gradation rendering.

Smooth, cinematic Full HD video: The D750 offers the capability to record Full HD movies in 1920×1080/60p (59.94 fps) format with minimal jaggies or moiré to offer a smooth, clear movie. A new movie shooting menu and “highlight display” function are also

designed to make it easier for the videographer to achieve a refined, high-quality video regardless of environment. A multi-area mode also provides support for DX- format NIKKOR lenses, offering users flexible movie expression. Additionally, improved audio performance helps ensure the sound is as good as the image.



2. Outstanding functionality and performance for precision

Fast, enhanced autofocus: A

high-speed, highly accurate 51- point autofocus (AF) system employs a new AF sensor module that enhances low-light performance (down to -3EV), making it possible to shoot using AF in dark environments where it is impossible to focus with the naked eye. A Group-area AF mode also works to detect moving subjects with incredible accuracy, ensuring crisp, well-focused shots.

Intuitive features: The D750 offers high-speed continuous shooting at approximately 6.5 fps*3 (in FX/DX format) with a highlight-weighted metering function that helps prevent overblown highlights. A Spot White Balance function also makes it easier to capture accurate, balanced images quickly and easily by acquiring preset manual data of white balance during a live view.

Clear, accurate display on a vivid wide-viewing angle monitor: It is possible to set the color balance on the clear, bright 3.2-inch monitor with a wide viewing-angle (170° horizontally or vertically), to suit the user’s preference. An Advanced Scene Recognition System that utilizes the compact 91K-pixel RGB sensor helps with focusing and metering accuracy of the subject, and an optical viewfinder with 100% frame coverage makes it easier to line up the perfect shot.



3. Incredible Flexibility

Light, strong structure: The D750 is the first Nikon FX-format camera to

adopt a monocoque structure, eliminating the rear body. The camera employs carbon fiber composite material (new material*4), for the front body and cover, and magnesium alloy for the rear and top covers to reduce weight and increase durability.

Designed for usability: A new internal layout is optimized to allow sufficient space for enhanced maneuverability with comfortable grip ensuring secure handling while minimizing the overall size. A tri-axis hinge on the monitor tilting mechanism

also enables the screen to tilt up to approximately 90 degrees and down to 75 degrees, maintaining a rugged and lightweight design. The monitor is always positioned in the center of the camera to make it easier to compose shots, while also providing a more intuitive view to shoot from various angles.



4. Additional versatility and functionality

Rapid uploading via Wi-Fi®: With a built-in Wi-Fi®*2, instant uploading of

high-quality images to devices is enabled for an efficient workflow. The Wireless Mobile Utility application, available as a free download for the iOS and AndroidTM operating systems, enables a seamless transfer of images from the D750 to any compatible smart device of choice. The D750 also features the support for wireless image transfer with the optional Eye-Fi card.

Double SD card slots: The D750 packs double SD memory card slots to enable “Overflow” recording, “Backup” recording, separate RAW/JPEG recording and shooting, and even copying between slots.

Rich gradation with Picture Control: The Nikon D750 also features a new “Flat” Picture Control option to apply a more natural effect and enable the camera to acquire maximum subject information. Lost highlights and shadows or color saturation can be effectively suppressed even after image adjustment, achieving rich gradation in both brightness and color.


5. Complementary High-performance Accessories

Powerful flash compatibility: The D750 also

offers support for the Nikon Creative Lighting System, which provides a range of flexible flash and lighting options for compatible flash units to offer even more creative control in the hands of the photographer.

Wireless remote control: The WR-1 and WR- R10/WR-T10 Wireless Remote Controllers are supported, as is the UT-1 Communication Unit and WT-5 Wireless Transmitter combined with a compact FX-format model that is ideal for a companion camera.

Broad range of lens options: The D750, as an FX-format camera, features support for selected NIKKOR lenses and accessories, opening up a new world of creative options for enthusiast photographers.



1 Among cameras with a built-in flash and movie functions.

2 Assuming no interference; range may vary with signal strength and presence or absence of obstacles. Wireless Mobile Utility must be downloaded onto a smart device (compatible with iOS/AndroidTM) to use the Wi-Fi function. Wireless Mobile Utility can be downloaded for free from the appropriate application store. The built-in Wi-Fi feature is not compatible with Camera Control Pro 2.

3 With shooting of JPEG-format images, excludes shooting of FX-format images at an image quality setting of JPEG fine and an image size setting of Large (up to 87 shots). Value with shooting in AF-C autofocus mode, [S] or [M] mode, shutter speed of 1/250 s or faster, all other settings at their default values.

4 Sereebo®, which is manufactured by Teijin Limited. This new material, which utilizes carbon fibers, is very lightweight without sacrificing strength or durability. As this material is well suited to use on camera exteriors because its surface is incredibly smooth with no carbon fiber bosses, it is the perfect cover material for cameras with a monocoque body structure.

Price and Availability

The Nikon D750 will be available end September 2014. The price will be available nearing sales start.

For more information about the new Nikon D750 and other Nikon products, please visit


Well i can’t wait for the release to give it a good test out.

Meanwhile, i’ll just leave you with some photos to drool over~


D750 ambience 1


D750 ambience 3


D750 ambience 4


D750 ambience 5


D750 ambience 7

D750 ambience 8

Flowers around the house

Yup. You read the title right.

My granddad had been pestering me to take some shots of the tiger orchid that bloomed.

So he said that it only bloomed once in a heck long while. Does it?

Well i don’t have green fingers so i guess people who do would know better.

The awesome venus fly trap that jean bought me way back died so i can’t erm.. well i’m just not cut out for it.

I’ll just take the photos.

So here is a long awaited photowalk. Well not exactly, ah. Flowerwalk. Enjoy!

DSC 4248


DSC 4249

DSC 4260


DSC 4275

DSC 4279


Short post this round.

Stay close for more soon!

London Trip, Early 2014 – Photowalk

I never actually thought my first trip to Europe would come in the form of a hurried trip to London. Secret reasons for which aside. Here are some shots i took throughout the trip. Didn’t get to use the camera much as it was too much of a risk. Either way, here are some of the limited shots i took throughout the 5 day tiring venture in the heart of the United Kingdom.

DSC 3589

The Hotel provided an awesome view of Kensington Park


DSC 3590

DSC 3593

Flowers and London Cabs everywhere!


DSC 3607

Hamley’s was an adventure in itself! Not much pics taken in there perhaps the next trip to the multi level mega toy store.


DSC 3613

Again Toys toys toys. Why would i not?


DSC 3614


DSC 3646

Fancy a call bruv?

DSC 3649

MINI Park Lane! Hey that was Ellen’s edition!


DSC 3652



DSC 3665

Mid March trip meant Spring had arrived in Britain


DSC 3695

Sup Ben~

DSC 3701

The eye of mordor. I meant London Eye.


DSC 3735

Tower Bridge~


DSC 3758



DSC 3762


And i shall end this post with a sweet butt shot of an R34 GTR. mmm~

Cheerio all!