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2011 Wrap Up

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Well its 2012 Chinese New Year and yes i have not been posting since the start of the year.  Well in any case here’s a post that should have been here since the end of last year.

Here is just a picture summary of whats what last year. Enjoy! and have a great 2012!



Got enlisted in the Armed Forces~


DSC 9909

Aquired the AiAiAi TMA-1, Kickass headphones


DSC 1436

Memorable Beijing Trip


DSC 2402

Photographed the Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race 2011 With the Petronas Syntium Team


DSC 3555

Caught the F1 Singapore Night Race 2011


DSC 3938

Photographed the Sepang 1000KM Race with the Tedco Racing Team



DSC 6482

And last but not least. “Ellen” My first Car! A Mini Cooper S R53!


Hopefully 2012 will be filled with as kickass calender events and yes yes. more posts.

Of Good things to come

Hopefully somewhere in the near future i’d be able to do the GAZILLION things on my to do list, inclusive is writing a book, shooting a series show, do an acoustic live performance, be a dj, and loads more!

But meanwhile, here is a little teaser of something that’ll come someday.

mmm~ crayons~

Hiatus 1.0

Hey all! how’s everything been?

well wordpress got a little screwy bout two weeks ago, and i have not been free the last.

And the fact that the army has to have me to stay in camp the next week marks a hiatus that will be coined Hiatus 1.0, so till i am free again, deepest apologies and do check back for my next post. i owe you guys!

Meanwhile, lets keep prayers for the victims of the recent Japan Earthquake. God Bless them.

Here is a live stream of TBS-TV in Japan if you wanna keep tabs.


Ever since young, i’ve always loved planes or anything that flew really. I’ve always wanted to fly however due to complications and schedule conflicts piloting seems out of reach now. Planes was one, next thing that intrigued me was helicopters, always thought how on earth can a giant fan propel a capsule up into the sky.

Always wanted to try it out and in 2005 on a holiday trip to Australia i finally got to.DSCN0165.JPG


Yea, like you’d wish it would be that little green thing that has only one lever to control the ups and downs and only goes round in circles right?



Yupp.. this was the bird we took up into the sky, we paid for some family package that took the four of us up into the sky and allowed us to marvel at the great brisbane view.

I loved the flight, the view, but boy was it noisy in there, without headsets you cant speak to each other, and it smells funky too. but all in all a brilliant experience.


Still, it further ignited my interest in aerial vehicles and somehow, still, one day, i’m going to want to fly, lets just hope that’ll come soon then ^^





Sooo, Helicopter flying for you?

What would you do without technology

Ok, lets face it, we’re all reliant on technology in our current age, something that was not so rampant back in our parents day’s, much less their parents. It simply is a silent addiction that none of us realises until we actually lose our phones, or had a lapse in internet connection. Only then we realise that boy we’d all die without technology.


Its the modern ecstacy. (haha i just love this picture so much i have to put it in)

So are there ways to curb this addiction of ours? First lets take a look at the pros and cons.

Pros being a whole load of fun, information at our fingertips, and did i mention a whole load of fun? My father always says “if you don’t anything these days, just google it, last time we always needed to go to the library for information.” (or yoda, but he’s dead now)

Cons are that although we don’t realise it, the harm caused by technology to our body are humoungous, from brain cancer when holding the cellphone to your ear too much, to eyes being destroyed from staring at screens all day(this will be me, in about few years time)

And to be honest, other than monkhood, there seems to be no other way.

Unless you are one of her kind, then why would you care?


That being said, will you? die without technology?

If i was stranded on an island…

I think many people have been asked this question before, as well as always cracking their heads to think about what they could and would do.


Well, if i was stranded on an island and could bring 5 items with me what would it be?

1) a Guitar!

Definately gotta have something to ease and while the time away right? Nothing better to do so than having a guitar to sing away the time.
2) a Flare Gun
To catch attention of passing ships duh~
3) Flare Gun ammo
Would kinda defeat the purpose if i didnt have this to use with my flare gun, so i’d bring tons and tons of it!
Probably the best and essential thing to bring would be Bear Gryllis. He’d save ass man.. as well as help rid of hunger and build shelter and accomodations.
And of course, she’ll keep me company~
I guess that will be what i’d bring to be stranded on an island, what would your five things be?
there there, don’t be shy, share it in the comments!


Mighty Wallet

Wallets are probably the most essential item ever, i mean, especially when they’re loaded with wads of cash. But how to take it an extra mile, by making this essential, socially responsible for our planet?(gosh i sound like some activist)

Mighty Wallet! A product from the company dynomighty is the answer! Made from a Microfiber paper-like material called ‘Tyvek’, it changes the way we look at wallets or possibly other essential items in the future. Also an interesting story behind the people who made it, how the company began from just three people into going big which such ideas.


I’ve got mine as a Christmas Present in 2010, just in time to bring in a new wallet for use for 2011. And yea, as it says, might strong, mighty thin, mighty green, mighty Daniel (what? i thought the last part was in it)

Here is a video about the mighty wallet:


But i do have to say though, it seems virtually indestructable, twisting the wallet here and there doesn’t seem to tear it in anyway, nor firing warheads at it. It seems to be something which if you threw it at the ground really hard, the ground cracks and causes a high magnitude earthquake. Fine i exaggerated, but still, the material used is phenomenally brilliant, and environmentally friendly too at that.


Price Ranges are not too expensive either, 15USD is whats going to get you one of these and to be honest, it is pretty much catching on and growing in popularity. There are also many other eye-catching designs available. And don’t get me started on how it is a good conversation starter.



So why not have a wallet to join the green initiative? Are you mighty?

F1 Season Highlights – Brilliant Video Editing

Most people know i love making videos. i had a slew of Vlogs that i did in the year 2010!

And i know alot of good videos come with good editing which takes hours and hours! Oh don’t worry, i’ll post up those Vlogs soon! as well as if i do have the time..

But i do want to show you this video i came across that crosses superb video editing as well as F1! Here’s the video of the F1 Season Highlights of 2010 at the FIA Gala 2010.

Combined in the video are beautiful video editing with a good music choice. enjoy!

I will be probably late on posts these few days as i have been ENLISTED into the ARMY! MMHMM! So don’t worry, more posts to come soon! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed~


Ok, Lets face it. We all love branded stuff, from bags, watches, shirts and hoohah’s more!

But how about getting them at a, cheaper price? Which brings me to tell you about Fakes. Countries such as China, Thailand, Philippines, Korea and a whole load more has been well known for selling fake items. Which I very much prefer to refer to as, “Replicas”


“Replica” Software.

Although yes it is illegal to sell such “replicas” and stuff but people still do and in the above countries on a large scale at that, the word i’ll use to describe is would be rampant. In any case i do have to admit that it isn’t exactly being a good consumer by purchasing replicas but i love it.

I mean, the fact that you have the same piece or item that looks and feels like the real thing! And in some cases, it is JUST like the real thing.


“Replica” Watches on sale in the open in Thailand

Well if you’d sell these openly in Singapore you’d be given a hefty hefty fine! Heard of a story before about someone wanting to purchase an original Louis Vuitton Purse at a local boutique was fined when she took out her “Replica” LV purse to pay for it. Talk about unlucky.

Also, there are many grades of “Replica” goods, from better grades showing more quality and lower grades showing lousy workmanship in replication.


Looking like the real deal, feeling like the real deal.


There are many sites online too that offers replica items, just google it! But risky though should you get caught, if the country that you are residing in does not, erm, close an eye to such practices.

So, Replica for you?

Emergency Novel Finishing Kit

Sometimes, we get impulsive in buying stuff, especially off the internet. It only takes a few clicks before that you spend money on something.

And i do enjoy the occasional online shopping and buying of well.. cool looking stuff on the internet.

Here is something i recently bought from the 826 store online, it is called the “Emergency Novel Finishing Kit”



Emergency what you ask?

Well one of the things to do before i die is to publish a book. And currently i do have a few ideas swimming around in my brain for a Novel, although i have not started with it yet, i kind of purchased this to erm, motivate myself to do so!

So it comes in this tube. Ahuh, tube. But it is whats in the tube that makes it interesting.



The poster and postcard seems pretty cool, was kinda what tempted me to buy this. And i guess i’ll place the empty tube somewhere in the room, figured it’ll make a good ornament.


Hmm.. i do need the courage…



This really neatly folded pack of stuff popped out from inside the tube! ok not pop out, i took it out.


Yepp, gotta love pencils.



And of course, the “Are you absolutely, Positively, and Wholeheartedly ready to publish your Novel” poster!




Really interesting if you ask me, if you have the time you should head down to the 826 stores. They’ve got pretty good concepts running on there. Check em out!