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Don’t have kids

“Don’t have kids, or better yet, don’t get married.”

My mum says this to me from time to time. And who could blame her? Both sissy and I have been nothing but troublemakers. The amount of money they had to spend on us, the piano lessons we give up, the endless hours of tuition which didn’t help our grades at all, and the stress when the teachers had to call them in the evenings about unfinished homework, truancy and more. I could list more, but ask me over a cold pint on a hot saturday afternoon ok? Your treat of course 😉 And they worry now about my drinking vices. Whoops.

Mom and mei circa 2003

A google search for the cost of raising a kid in Singapore blows minds. Pointing to a mind boggling $1 million! See, in foreign countries, the kid’s are booted out the door to fend for themselves at 17. Here, we’d probably stay with our parents till we get.. Married.
Imagine having 3 kids now. Not taking into account the process of childbearing and endless sleepless nights that come right after that. The monetary implications are just too insane. You could buy a house, a freaking nice one at that, or split the money and buy a FEW houses.


On the flipside though, proud parents do say that having a kid does teach them more about responsibilities and to be better people in life. And that the costs involved are worth it.

Prices for everything though are rising. Milk powder, baby care products, childcare services, education, COST OF LIVING. I used to be one that wants to have lots of kids in the future. But now though, the reality frightens me, and what my mother says makes clearer sense.

In Singapore, its growing increasingly tough to even consider having a kid. Less getting married. But hey, thats just my opinion.. Whats yours?

New look!

If you’ve been reading since its inception, you would have noticed the dreary old template that has not been changed since then!

IMG 2271

And finally, I got to sourcing for a sweet template/theme, and bought it! Do hope you’ll enjoy your stay on the blog a little more now. I’d dare say it is more pleasing to the eye(lol).

Either way, i’ll be making more minute changes to the blog in the coming weeks! Hopefully it’ll be easier to navigate, read, and whatever else people read betterdanthis for.

IMG 2100

So stay tuned for more updated stuff. Meanwhile, as always, stay awesome you.

Mid-May 2015 Update

The month since Mid April to Mid May has been a whirlwind of everything. But it is indeed things like these that happens which leads us to learn to be stronger in what ever else we do.

Sometimes as much as we try our best and things don’t work out the way we want them to. Even pushing the limits and boundaries of what we never thought was capable of ourselves.

IMG 9589

Albeit being a little disappointed with myself for certain decisions, we mope about it for abit. Learn to grow and move on.
Either way, right now, i’m in the pool of applicants for a job. A little excited the the oyster of a world ahead of me, also a little afraid. I guess when we all start it can’t be helped that there would be a certain level of apprehension.

IMG 9649

That being said amongst the all that i have been through the essential past month, it was endearing to know of the support given by the people that loves me. Which does make me happy, in the sense which i know support will be there even in the darkest of times.

IMG 9858

Whichever the case, i took some time off to wind down a few notches, giving me time to breathe and find my bearings again. Which at this current juncture, i’m sort of re-emerging out of a perceptive limbo, I CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS! (BETTERDANTHIS LOL). Aiming to gun for whatever is to come next.

IMG 9921

The world is still new, still fresh, we’ll see what’s to come next. Again, excitement is an understatement.

IMG 9927

Pardon the whiny post, I promise a less sombre one next time. Cheers all!

Missed March did we?

My Sincerest Apologies for Missing out blogging for the month of march. Goodness i have been caught up with so many things that I neglected this little bit of my life here.

Let me just explain the whats what currently going on with me, and some random pictures of random stuff.

I submitted an application for flight school and everything turned out really well. However though, as murphy’s law dictates, anything that can go wrong.. Will go wrong.
Not that it has but there has been a hiccup in the form of a medical. Well i shall not elaborate further but it is probably going to suck if at this stage i am not able to proceed further.

0604 4R 1 3

Either way, i should be thankful otherwise for the other aspects of my life. I had a short trip to bangkok again with friends which was fun. Do check out the trip vlogs done on the “wertypoo” channel on youtube!

0616 4R 1 3

Everything else is great apparently. Family is all good, the car is running fine. Though some stuff are not going according to plan, i am hopeful. Fingers crossed.

It sure does seem tough we are always plagued with stressful periods everytime we remotely think we get out of one.

0178 4R 1 6

And I do presume such is life. Well, one step at a time i guess.
Stay frosty all! New posts soon!

February Update

And yet again, i seem to have not been posting much the past month, GGR has seen the lack of an episode upload. I have been busy, my bad.

IMG 8308

92nd Division has shifted to distributing and dealing of diecast cars. Some pretty huge brands too at that. We’re still finding our footing regards but we’ll get there~

IMG 8324

Valentine’s Day has just passed and Chinese New Year has been marked. A fresh start is now underway. Plans are made, which i will, again, detail in later posts (bear with me).

IMG 8387

Jean’s Rottie Cody had to be sent to the vet due to a dislocation of his hip and right leg. Poor boy. Good to know he’s right now recovering just fine. Fingers Crossed!

IMG 8412

The addition of a MINI Cooper Paceman to the family fleet makes it 3 MINI’s now. AND WE LOVE IT.

IMG 8427

CNY Visiting has been fun so far this year. Look at this lil pup. Looks like a ball of pork floss.

IMG 8461

And Finally i’ll leave this post to end with a Mandatory annual shot of Chu Yi Club Couz.

More posts soon all. I Promise.

Collection Update JAN 2015

As in one of the posts last year, i have embarked on a collecting journey, albeit expensive, a rather interesting and relaxing one.

The people that i have met along this journey were nice, some, just out to cheat you and some not. I’ll put together a cheat sheet as to where you can find the cheapest and most bang for buck diecast sellers and places in another post soon. So do hang tight for that.

Meanwhile here’s an update to the collection in my room. I have since the start procured three Ikea glass cabinets, they set you back about S$90 a pop and have pretty ample space so why not. As this post is being written i have embarked on a little plan to do some modifications to the shelves to squeeze out that extra space that is wasted.

DSC 7201

DSC 7202

Now again, in all honestly since the very beginning I knew this was not a cheap hobby, but to me it was fun and intriguiging nevertheless.

Here is a picture blast on the individual shelves. Enjoy!

DSC 7203

A little tribute to the awesome RX-7, the MX-5 is just borrowing the parking space for abit.

DSC 7206

The GT cars, holds near and dear to my heart, especially the SLS AMG GT3.

DSC 7207

Here are some randoms, with the German brutes flanking the Z.

DSC 7208

A GTR Tribute shelf is still in the works~

DSC 7210

The 1/43 Scales. Also what 92nd Division is selling currently. DO BUY!

DSC 7212


DSC 7214

And of course, everyone loves tomica’s. Ok well not everyone, but its just pretty interesting to collect.

DSC 7215

and.. STARWARS! Whats not to love?

DSC 7216

DSC 7217

Also, my plane collection, i have different sections for commercial and military, with the 747’s taking the top shelf.

DSC 7218

Not to mention, of course, my favourite, the MINI.

DSC 7221

And a little piece of my yesteryears. Stitch, whom i adore as my favourite cartoon character.

Will do up review posts on some of these diecasts from time to come, and, hopefully, new ones~

So keep the bookmarks locked onto betterdanthis will ya?

End 2014, Resolution 2015

And once again we have reached the end of the year.

And just like last year. Here’s the resolution for the next year!

Also. In typical betterdanthis fashion, random pictures throughout!

1) Picture Project
This year’s project 365 was halted due to a missed day. Also the lack of commitment and the fact that everyday you have to remember to take a photo was kinda tough. So i guess we’ll leave project 365 for another year.
For 2015, i do wish to start another photo project following a certain theme. So lets try that.


2) Organisation. Well. Be more organised.
I’ve been messy throughout 2014. Though i’ve managed to get my arse to be a wee bit more organised. Again the annual purchase of the oh so magical moleskine shall give me the headstart for this resolution. So lets do it!


3) Family Crest
Ok the idea for doing up a family crest came about this year. Talked about it. But never got around to doing it. Requires a budget but come on. Its awesome when you think about it. Lets see to getting it done in 2015. Any good designers to recommend?


4) 92nd Division
The company has been on a rollercoaster ride so far. And recently tides seem to be turning a wee bit. So fingers crossed on that and plans to steer the company into a different direction will be put in place!


5) Blog more!
Enough said.


6) Be more assertive.
This one’s tough. But i’ve got to be more assertive in my decision making. And well for everything else in general. Perhaps i should pick up some self help books on this. Hmm.


7) Exercise.
Here’s a scary statistic. Number of times i’ve exercised in 2014. Less than 10. Darn. Got to do something about it.


8) Record a song.
I’m downplaying this resolution from this year. It is more difficult than you think. So yeah. One song. 2015. Cmon cmon.


9) Finish up my degree.
Now this seems like an easy one. But it is easy to screw it up too. Lets avoid that. And let it go smooth sailing.


10) Enjoy the world while it all lasts.
Nothing lasts forever. We can’t experience and enjoy everything forever. So i’ll just enjoy and take things as they come. Savouring each moment. And we should all too.


And thats my resolutions for 2015.
What are yours?

Kinder Surprise Airbus A330 Travel Edition

Its no surprise Kinder Surprise (see what i did there?) is not much of a surprise when it comes to toys for many. And i’ve never liked the chocolate to begin with. So i have always steered clear of the product.

On the way back from an overseas trip at the duty free shop in the airport, jean bought this for me. The Kinder Surprise Airbus A330 Travel Edition.


Its Kinder’s special collaboration with airbus for cool “in choco” swag. Well to be fairly honest its just cool little planes in chocolate.

It comes with 5 different liveries.

The Airbus A330 livery

Lufthansa Airbus A330 Livery

Turkish airlines Airbus A330 Livery

Asiana Airlines Airbus A330 livery

And a special Kinder Airbus A330 livery

And you can even flip the box around to use as a stand!


Its a pretty nice touch and the fact that this is a travel exclusive only found in duty free shops around the worlds makes it even cooler.

Can’t wait to see how much further this collaboration goes. Hopefully they do the A380 or the new A350.

Till then..
Stay chocolatey!

The horses in the east

Cheesy title for a blogpost.

Sounds like a poem. Perhaps i should start writing some. 
Jean and I were around the punggol area last weekend and decided to just drop by to check it out.

Punggol Ranch is the name of the place. Home to chalet styled offerings and.. well.. horses.

DSC 4843


I won’t blog about the ranch, the bed and breakfast and the cafe’s over there. But i’ll just fly you through the pictures of the horses there.

They offered riding courses but they were too expensive. So we just bought a really expensive $2 pack of carrots to feed this little pony.

DSC 4852


We felt a little sad for him at first. but then a queue formed behind us to feed him. And realised that this little pony is probably the most well fed four legged creature around punggol.


DSC 4898

We came across a couple of rows of stables. And some of the horses popped their heads out to say hi.

DSC 4919


Well till that day when we’re back here to play with the horses again then. Meanwhile, MEEEEEHHHH~


Tomytec V22 Osprey

Ok. So one of the birthday presents (thats my excuse) to myself this year was this.


I’ve gotten it from an ultra super secret source. Its pretty unavailable here in Singapore so am pretty ecstatic with the purchase.

I resisted for days before deciding to sit my ass down to build it. And boy did it take long.



Due to its scale. It was a pretty tough feat to build. And no i don’t build this stuff very often so this is rather tough to me already.


The parts were real tiny so it was a real pain to stick them all together. I didn’t even do the crazy option which let you stick together the tiny wheels and all. I gave it the flying stance which was all the more awesome (and less work heehee).


Oh i forgot i was supposed to explain about it too. This particular one that i painstakingly built is an mv-22b marine version. The osprey is half plane half helicopter. A hybrid of sorts that allows quick drops for troops as well as the ability to climb to high altitudes to avoid anti-air fire.


And as they, you feel a greater sense of achievement building a scale model yourself. And i did. It now sits awesomely beside my other store bought fighters. But more on that soon~


The aftermath though was lots of small plastic bits scattered around my desk. Which you could imagine was tough cleaning up.

That being said. It looks great and feels really rewarding everytime i look at it. I took a grand total of three and a half hours non stop to build it. And no, i don’t think i’ll be building more of these anytime soon. Perhaps until another awesome plane/car comes along~