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It’s all video now

image credit: pixabay
image credit: pixabay

Wow. I realised that I have indeed been neglecting this blog.

Video has definitely taken over and killed off such forms of.. well.. documentations of life. LOL

For a quick update, i’m 3 days away from a full year of vlogging.

And that’s a great feat in itself. I’ll keep this blog alive for as long as i’m still earning a salary.

After all, it holds memories. And memories should always be kept. Even so, the vlog is named “Betterdanthis Vlog”.

And that works for now. I’ll continue vlogging for now as far as that takes me. Let’s not let that die, at least for now. 😉

One year looms ahead.

Cheap DIY LED lit cupboard shelf for under $10


The picture above is a shelf on my cupboard in my wardrobe(yes). And it’s rather dark with the ceiling lights turned off. I wanted a quick solution to light the spot up.

Cheryl told me that Daiso has offerings for LED strips (or something along that line). And off to hunt for it we did. And we came across this.


Yup, battery type decoration lights, in all it’s glory for $2. Our initial skepticism about the brightness of the lights were quelled when a lady buying the same lights said that it was bright and she was rather happy with it and was looking to get another set. <Bingo>

Then we added this hook thingy to the cart.


It has a double sided tape thing on one end, and a hook which you can manipulate/force down to lock the cable/cord in.

Pop in a little battery and off to work, well actually it was just hooking it up and sticking the battery console using a double sided tape/3M tape to the side. Stick up the cord hook thing to the roof of the shelf and voila! It’s Christmas in a cupboard!


Yes, I cracked it. Too strong from last week’s gym workout.



And voila! The finished product! Indeed, bright enough to my liking, cheap enough to my wallet’s liking. And the best part. If it spoils, just replace it with another.


  • LED Deco lights(Daiso) – $2
  • Cord Hook(Daiso) – $2
  • Two AA Batteries(Anywhere) – $2
  • Double sided tape/3M tape – $3-4

Now, go light em up!


Co-writing on the blog


So when Daniel first suggested to co-writing on the betterdanthis domain, I was a tad hesitant.

I don’t often write, much less blog. I take too long to pen down my thoughts. Also, what if my writing changes too much of the original betterdanthis blog?

Then, I thought, why not?

Aside from helping to reduce digital cobwebs off this little borrowed (paid) space, it’ll be nice to have a trove of snippets to look back on and reminisce.

I also occasionally throw diarrheas of text in captions of pictures and instagram posts already anyway. This would just be another avenue for longer thought bubbles and spontaneous ramblings.

Lastly, I’ve realized that while it is natural to worry, being caught up on things that could go wrong takes too much of my time away from the experience on the runway. Most things that worry are visceral and don’t actually happen anyhow. Acknowledge, move on, learn from the ride.


That being said, I will mostly be posting on things Dan and I do together:

  • RC cars (from a idiot driver’s POV)
  • Building Star Wars models
  • Funko Collecting
  • Food joints we hit and eating habits
  • Building a gaming com
  • Video games?
  • Other projects?

Regardless of whatever the topics are, I am excited: It will be an experience, and it will be another fun activity we’ll be on together.

Looking at it that way, there’s really no reason not to take the invitation into this little domain on the interwebz.

Til next time!

Love Cheryl

My new co-pilot


It does seem that posts for this blog seems to span over months between each one.

But fret not! I guess now, this blog will be taking a new direction!

My partner and co-pilot, Cheryl, will be jumping in and posting within with her own views and sharings on different things! Am really excited, this will definitely breathe new life into this little space of the internet as well as showcase a new bunch of topics!

I guess we’ll be covering various topics moving forward, from travel, to food and even random stuff like collecting and building stuff. Hopefully you’ll keep coming back to read more of what we’ll have to offer!

Stay tuned!

Love Dan.

I pespire when I eat something spicy


I love spicy stuff. Nothing really beats throwing that little chilli padi in your mouth right after a spoonful of noodles. The kick that little red vegetable gives you excites.

I pespire when I eat spicy stuff. Even the mildly spicy ones. Granddad does too. And he’d always carry a handkerchief in his pocket, armed at the ready, for he loves spicy as well.

He’d pour out in pespiration whenever slurping down a spicy bowl of noodles. Whenever I do now, I remember him. Enjoying the awesome food this island has to offer, intermittently wiping away the drips on his forehead. That smile after a satisfying meal.

It’s one of the little things that makes him, my grandfather.

I miss him a heck lot. And am sure quite a lot of us do.

I pespire when I eat something spicy. My grandfather does too. 

70 days non stop vlogging

Image Credit: Keith Wickramasekara

I have been vlogging now, for 70 days. Daily.

And it’s becoming quite the “part of life” thing for me. So far, It’s been really interesting. About the different types of content that I can shoot, the difficulty in finding that sort of content too.

Who knew the third try would have gotten me this far. Well of course, not every day you get the most interesting and fun of content to watch.

1st try: Did a weekly vlog in 2010, went on for a couple of weeks, but weekly vlogs generally don’t exactly work out because.. well.. you get lazy. As some point you just go “meh, I can choose to maybe just pick out a short bit of the whole week to show. And then leave the vlog cam at home/behind. And most times, missing out on stuff.

2nd try: In 2014, and the catalyst for the current shot at it. Did this daily for a few days. And thus the start of the Vlog #X numbering system. Hence, the current number of vlogs on the channel is not representative of the number of consecutive days I have been uploading.

In essence, I did it for about a week, and gave up.

3rd try: Well, the reason for the 3rd blast is detailed in this post here.

I shall continue this. I shall keep it going at least for as long as I can.

After all, again, the one thing I just have to constantly remind myself is that the vlog is for memories. Much like this blog here, it’s for memories that I can keep, look back, and enjoy when I want to reminisce.

So follow my memories and take a peek into my life from time to time when you can!

Love, Dan.

Much vlog.


Photo credit: Unsplash
Photo credit: Unsplash

It sure has been awhile since the last post. Which of course, stated that I’d be jumping back into vlogging. Now that comes at a cost, amongst many. Such as neglecting this blog even more. And yes, attempting to spend even more money on a new vlogging camera.

However, so far, it seems to have been going alright. With each vlog averaging at least 10 views(lol). To be honest I don’t think that’s too bad, considering that fact I’m not exactly aiming for world domination. But hey, so far, it’s going fun. I’d probably detail more in another post as to how tough it is to vlog. Really, it’s tougher than it seems.

Amongst the vlogging and all, in the midst of all the things I try to keep myself busy with these days. Things have been real tough since the big change. But ah that’s about every facet of life now isn’t it?

Such is life, such is life.

Everything is a phase and shall pass. Looking forward to what else the world has to offer next. The year hasn’t been going so well. In the chinese zodiac beliefs and all, This year, coincidentally a Monkey year (my zodiac, duh), isn’t all that perfect for “Monkeys.” And somehow, almost magically, it all seems to be true(could be all in the mind too).

But we look forward. Right now, my life revolves around vlogging and work. Let’s keep it that way. Speaking of which, I intend to shelf and perhaps discontinue a couple of projects that were ongoing. GGR will still live on as a show on my youtube channel. But I certainly am planning drastic measures for the others.

Pardon the long and dreary post. Let’s wait out passing phases and continue learning and navigating the tricky waters that’s of life.

I’ll try my best to keep on posting here. After all, I’m still paying for this domain name. And hey, whilst you’re at it and I’m still very much vlogging quite consistently, do subscribe to my youtube channel “wertypoo.” 

Would very much appreciate that! And maybe while you’re at it, do pop in a subscription to this “betterdanthis” vlog!

As always, stay cool all!

I should start vlogging again

Image credit: Lukas Budimaier
Image credit: Lukas Budimaier

I have been thinking. If I should start vlogging again. Perhaps watching Casey Neistat do his thing has got me back yearning to start vlogging once more.

I have vlogged my life on two occasions, once in 2010 and the other in 2014, along a couple of other travel vlogs which were fun, for sure. Catch my old vlogs here.

Here’s the deal with blogging/vlogging.


It is tough as heck to keep up with a schedule. Everything else gets in the way, work, play, whatever. Everything gets in the way. But I guess, as they say..

“If it is something you really want to do, you’ll find time to do it no matter what.”

And true that! As much as, also, i’d love to rant and rave on random nothingness on this blog, I never really found the commitment to do it. And I probably should find a way to change that. I should change that.


Blogging has been tough. I have trouble finding inspiration to write songs, these days, which were a breeze in the past. Let alone blogging. But I have to find a way to do this, an outlet of sorts I guess. Somewhere to dump the thoughts that linger in the depths of my mind. Well, of course, the more shallow ones.

But I shall, continue and will continue to blog. After all, I’m paying for this domain name for a reason eh?


Ok here comes the mountain to scale. See, the difference between blogging and vlogging is, well.. You blog about a particular subject topic, or something that happened. Draft it, review it. Hit publish and boom. It goes live. To the 7 readers of the post, I thank you for reading Betterdanthis.

For vlogs, well. It has to be current. See, for a couple of days in 2014, I vlogged almost everyday. And boy were they tiring, the filming of randomness. To talk about the most random of things, and the most, well.. boring of days. Coming up with content is tough. Editing, less said, was also time consuming

But here’s what I realised.

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

Youtube has provided a brilliant source where we can upload whatever the heck we want, be it random episodes of unboxing’s with GGR (it’s still alive btw, thanks for asking) or even random boring vlogs about our lives. But hey, y’know what? Those are memories we keep. Those are the moments in life where we leave behind, and let ourselves look back at it some day. And reminisce.

The other day, I re-watched, just for the fun of it. Some of my old vlogs.

I teared up.

It was the days that I lost. However boring, I kept them. I relived them as I watched through. Yeh was still alive, in those vlogs he was. Still smiling, being himself, in that feeble skinny frame that was his body and his grey hair. That giggle and grin that he always had. I miss him so so much.

Moopie was another memory that was jolted from the vlogs. Such a sweetheart. Affectionate and loving as always.

And there I wondered. If I never had vlogged, I’d keep them in memory, that would fade over time. But this, is golden. In pictures, and in videos. We never really die.

They will always be in my heart.


Gear has always been an issue. If you’d notice watching the previous vlogs, they were shaky as heck. And hell crap of a quality as heck. I still want a dedicated vlog camera though. But since I’ve spent an arm and a leg of hard earned money on the Typ 109, I better make good use of it for now, till I can afford the next dedicated vlog cam.

I will jumpstart vlogging again. So when we’re all old some day, we can look back at these clips. And be glad that we can always relive the memories of now.

Let’s do this. 

Do watch em and support on. Subscribe!

Stay awesome all.

I miss you Yeh

In the fashion of being a bitch as it is, cancer took its toll on Yeh. We were not exactly fighting it head on anyways. Yeh passed away on the 29th January, 2016. I couldn’t rush home in time to see him before he left us. I would imagine he was just waiting for his return home, pulling through on the way back from the hospital in the ambulance. Just a couple of minutes after reaching home, he drew his last breath.

Funeral wake’s are a funny thing, the saying goes “it doesn’t matter how many friends you have when you’re alive, but the number of people that turns up at your funeral show’s how much a remarkable person you are.” We were joined by family and friends who all came to see him the one last time. Death brings everyone together doesn’t it?


Being the first family member that is close to me leaving us seems to leave a sore spot open, a void of sorts, I can’t really explain it. I miss him a lot. Even though I have no regrets. I’ve brought him to see the doctor whenever I could, brought him for meals whenever I could, and the fact that I got to greet him every single morning and tell him I was leaving for work, and to kiss him goodnight before I went to bed seems to be the little consolation that I have left with me. At least I think I’ve done my part.

In incremental phases, you pass through the acceptance that he has cancer, the fact it was un-curable. The passing of, the hustle of everyone co-ordinating the wake, the throngs of people attending the wake, the pain of reminiscing through eulogies and finally watching his coffin being wheeled into a furnace. An ordeal shouldn’t be the term to coin it but I would say it comes close. Death is a part of life, it occurred to me that to anyone else, he’ll probably just be a memory in their minds.


But to me, he’ll always be my grandfather. Always remembering the thing’s he’s done for me, always buying toys, sweets for me when I was younger, the countless hours he had to drive fetching me to and from school, tuition. Giving me the extra dollars to spend when he hears me whining about money.

I miss him so much. And I just hope, he’s happier wherever he is now.

Last night, I got a call..


This was not what we had in mind


The absence of a post here is due to quite a couple of reasons. Procrastination as always plays its part, laziness too, amongst other stuff. But I shall pour what’s mainly on my mind out here today. Gramps was admitted to the hospital recently.

See, this time isn’t like the others. What started out from an unusually low sodium count during a check-up turned into a quick ripple effect that we’re still trying to put our minds to.

I have religiously brought him to every one of his check-ups/doctor’s appointments (till I started work.) Couldn’t they have smelt this? In a “two hands to clap” type of situation, he’s been stubborn, and always refusing to go for further scans and checks, against the doctor’s advice.

If Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain knocks on his door and says “what’s up?”

He went for his routine scheduled check-up at the hospital, and findings of his abnormally low sodium count had him immediately admitted. It all seems to be going downhill from there, oxygen levels fluctuating. And due to low sodium in the body, he seemed tired all the time. The first few days there saw him sleeping most of the time.

Now by then doctor’s ordered a CT scan to be done. And him being very much stubborn, it was tough getting him to agree to go for that. When he finally did, he thought it was all over and he could go home, but CT scans revealed a much larger horror. A tumour located in his lung, a big one, and it was spreading. Fast.

This explains why he’s slowly losing use of his right hand. In my heart, he’s one of the greatest artists in the world, and he can’t draw anymore. But that probably is the least of the problems. Now, following the scan, a biopsy was scheduled. And the long wait continued. I probably should mention the level of efficiency the local government hospitals have, to sum it up, if it is not deemed as something that has “hit. the. fan”, they will not make haste. It is almost as if its a mantra etched throughout the hospital. Ok this is just me being sore about it.

Now I missed out a vital piece of the story here. Doctors diagnosed him with cancer, one at a stage that has already surpassed the 4th. It was tough to swallow at first, but acceptance plays its part, for some sooner than others, and some still in their phase of denial. The decision to not let gramps know at first was a tough one to make. What was even tougher, was having to see him everyday being optimistic that he will be able to go home the next.

Biopsy a week later confirmed the disease. But at his age, any move done to fight the disease comes with major risk. Right now, the game plan would be to just suppress the symptoms and relieve pain. In short “we’re waiting it out.” Sissy teared up while visiting him then. Now i’ve always made myself the promise to break whoever’s legs if they’d ever break her heart and made her cry. Never would I have thought it’ll be in such a situation which I’ll catch her shedding a tear. Probably will have to make some amendments to the promise already then.

When the time came to finally break the news to him, it took two days, for him to hear it. When the doctors first broke the news to him. He didn’t want to have it, and started getting really agitated. Granted that, I would have too if I were in his shoes. “How is it that with such advanced medical technologies, the doctors can’t cure me” he says. Yeah i’ll give him that point.

A week ago, he started wheezing. As in a squeaking noise coming out from his throat. Now I have to add that he was being fed the whole time via a nose tube. Because of some thrombosis rubbish that makes it difficult for him to swallow anything (yes, that bitch of a tumour has spread all over.) Wasn’t till the next day we realised that the tumour has started to press on his windpipe, making it tougher to breathe. That has been persisting till now, which we all are still continually worried about. Because, if that shit presses even more and blocks off the windpipe.. well yeah that just ain’t good. Most of the time now, its drip feeding.

Relatives and friends were nice enough to pop by the past few weeks. I still think he is still mentally fighting the fact this is all happening. I can imagine the fear, the sadness, the hate of looking at the same ceiling, the sound of beeping medical equipment, coughs and screams of the neighbouring patients and the barred windows. And the fact that no one can properly understand what you say because of the stupid assed condition.

Are we fighting a losing fight? Are we even fighting at all?

I’ll still visit him everyday. Be it a few hours or minutes.

I do hope he presses on.

“Cancer is beautiful because it gives loved ones time to prepare”

Fuck you cancer.