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Back from a hell of a trip to Japan with Mitsubishi!

Tokyo, Japan. Was the prize. 3 winners.

I was one of them. It was a competition set up by Mitsubishi Singapore(Cycle and Carriage).

The competition involved having to submit either a creative video or two creative pictures of a Mitsubishi. I chose the former, and managed to snag an all expenses paid trip for two to Tokyo, Japan. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

We were treated to awesome food, sights and sounds.

We also took a Taiko Drum lesson, which was much fun. HOO! HAH!

Tokyo Big Sight was the destination for the Tokyo Motor Show 2017!

We were treated to witnessing the launch of the Mitsubishi E-Evolution as well as the showcase of the Eclipse Cross!

Shinkansen rides brought us to Okazaki, to visit the Mitsubishi Factory!

You can tell by the excitement on my face, I got to meet my hero. Tommi Makinen’s Evo 6 Rally Car.

We visited Tsukiji, Skytree, and Asakusa too!

And to top it all off, we tried on Kimonos and experienced an awesome tea ceremony.

All in all, it was a blast of a trip. Thank you Mitsubishi for this opportunity to experience what we did.

The photos were shot by Zotiq Visuals. They look pixelated because I pulled them from the Mitsubishi Album here. But yeah, shoutout to Adrian and Nicholas from Zotiq.

After the trip, we extended for a few more days. Needless to say, we had a ton of fun there, especially when we took the Mitsubishi craze a step further and rented an Evo 8. Check the vids out here and here.

We can’t wait to go back again. Till next time Japan. We’ll be back.

Super Taikyu Rd 6 Autopolis

Ok, So last November, i was priviledged enough to join the Petronas Syntium Team up in Oita Prefecture for their last round battle in  the Super Taikyu Endurance Series.

Having already clinched the title in the previous round, this race was a much looked forwarded to end of season race for the team.

DSC 8533

Oita mountainous regions houses Autopolis Circuit.

The Kawasaki owned 4.7km circuit accompanied with the weather conditions of the time of the year, and the upland area location means the atmosphere is thin and by god was it cold.

DSC 8597

DSC 8541

Petronas Syntium Team’s Malaysian Veteran Driver Fariqe Hairuman Shelters himself from the cold in the pit tents and puts some add on’s to his helmet livery.

DSC 8552

The first few days were a blast. With splendid weather conditions. Clear weather for both practice and qualifying sessions!


DSC 8569

Autopolis circuit hosted a slew of pretty nice looking honda sponsored safety/marshal cars.

DSC 8575

There was also a dedicated smoking bus! Parked there right beside the loo!

DSC 8577

DSC 8579DSC 8581

Surrounded by the massive massive mountains.

Before it all, i embarked on a track walk with some of the young guns from the team.

All of which has not driven on this circuit before.DSC 8606

Also the two photographers shooting their pro cameras and millions of frames per second in front of them is none other than Larry Chen from the Speedhunters and Cheryl Tay, a revered female automotive journalist from Singapore.

DSC 8624

The elevation changes of the track were gradual incline or declines which proved to be a task for the drivers after shooting out from sharp hairpin corners.

DSC 8654

Of course, the team runs two Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3.

DSC 8656

DSC 8687


Other cars that competed in our class were a Speedracer Liveried Ferrari 458 Italia and Nissan GTR’ GT3s.

Now, as race day approached, The weather took a sudden turn for the worst.

Heavy fog.

IMG 3604


The winds were so strong that it even blew the pit tent off! I had to stay in the team trailer without a heater, was literally freezing my ass off.

IMG 3599

This caused problems as there were poor racing conditions. a slow and excruciating delay ensued.

After which we were all called into the pits for a meeting.

IMG 3629

Here a little special panoramic view of the pit meeting of the whole team.

We were told that the race format has been changed. From a 3 to a 2 hour endrance race with 3 mandatory driver changes.


DSC 8756

Grid girls were out in FULL force admist the fog and cold weather.

DSC 8766

DSC 8770

I Certainly do admire their perserverance, though i suppose they do get paid quite a fair bit.

DSC 8713

Cheryl launching herself in a super camera taking position.

DSC 8719

Some of the Grid Girls were luckier than not. They had more on.

DSC 8821

And then it was on to the windy and wet track for the start of the race(behind the safety car)

DSC 8850

The race started with foggy conditions all the way, and eventually ended with a red flag 75% in, we were unlucky this round and clinched a 2nd and 3rd place spot on the podium. Not exactly the best way to end the season.

Overall it was a eye opening experience for me there this race. And if you were wondering, i was handling the team’s social media pages!

Namely the Facebook Page And the Instagram Page.

Do follow them if you could!

Here are some of the instagram shots i took whilst on the trip!


IMG 3518

IMG 3522

IMG 3563

IMG 3612

IMG 3636




After the race, we Scrambled to pack up everything and headed straight for the car as temperatures were dropping real quick.

IMG 3643

Larry says, This way home!


We went down the twisty “Initial D” like mountain roads of Oita and headed for Fukuoka, afterwhich the whole team will disperse back to their own countries.

IMG 3649

IMG 3657


Well, Fingers crossed i’ll be able to join the team for their ventures next season.

Till then!


IMG 3611

McDonald’s Japan

Now we all love our favourite fast food chain McDonald’s, which is probably the biggest fastfood chain in the world. And, well, also my favourite.

Here is something i came across on the internet about McD’s having loads different types of special unique items in their menu’s all over the world! From Soups, to beer and even oven baked rolls!

But that being said, the strongest impression of any overseas macs i’ve been to is Japan.

Here are some shots from the McDonald’s in Japan taken during the trip there in 08 and 09.

Here are the 09 shots where we took a break at mcd’s after a long walk around shinsaibashi in osaka:

Mc Nuggets


Sab enjoying fries and Icecream.

Here is a morning breakfast i had with some mates in the hotel room during the school band trip to tokyo in 08:

Really beautiful packaging there

Sausage egg mcmuffin


And what i loved the most, Pokemon cups. HAHA!

On the menu was a McPork, which we don’t have here in Singapore, missed out on trying that though but ah well, there’ll be others~

To be honest, they food there tasted the same as you would have in Singapore, but definately i’d say there’d be differences compared to those served in American or European countries.

I’ll do a post on Singapore’s McDonald’s one day so do stay tuned for that!

I’m lovin it~


Well yea we sure have played it before one way or another when we were young. Feeding it when it beckons, putting it to bed, playing with it and giving it daily baths. The Tamagotchi. And most of us think it ends there, but in Japan, it expands out to anime, movies, stories and much more!


In 2008 and 2009, i visited the TamaDepa (Tamagotchi Departmental Store) which is also seen in some of the recent Tamagotchi games. Located in Harajuku, just a stone’s throw away from the station of the same name. And the store carries the whatever tamagotchi merchandise you can think of for your fanism~

Here are pictures i have taken in 2008 when i was in tokyo with my school band.


You’d see this tower right before the famous crowded harajuku street so its pretty hard to miss. but even so, people still do miss it.



Tamagotchi Gachapon outside the store



You might be able to catch one of these huge mascots if you’re lucky! didnt catch it the second time round.

And here are shots that i have shot during the trip with my parents in 2009.


Shot of me and sissy outside the store.



Here is where you put your hand in and your hand would be covered in a goo-ey substance, after which it would turn into a tamagotchi! NAH, well you pay them 500 yen, then put your hand in and pull out a lucky draw thing, where on the shelf beside would be your prize. More in the Video Further down.


Lots of tama swag!


Some light tamagotchi snacks outside the store.


There is a tele outside the store which has a camera facing you, then it puts al these cute lil stuff on you, can get funny at times.


Get it? haha!


Now you’re in for a treat. For both occasions, i had taken videos using a camera phone and here they are! enjoy!

Here is the vid taken in 2008, shot with a Nokia E71


Here is the one taken in 2009, taken with a Nokia N97


Love all these magical places in japan! Now, Short of checking out their Pokemon Center’s.. Ah well, some day soon! ^^

Here are more sites which you can read up more about and tempt yourself!

TamaDepa Store

Asking for Trouble Blog

Japan Trends

So… Tamagotchi Store for you?

Go! Go! Curry!

Go Go Power Rangers~ No wait that ain’t right.

Do you have a love for Japanese food? Japanese Curry? Well in any case just read on!

Go! Go! Curry! Started in Tokyo in 2004, and currently has 27 outlets in Japan and 1 in New York. And currently, they see fit to enter the singaporean market having two outlets here, one in Ion Orchard and 313@Somerset.

Here are some things you should know about them:

1) Go!Go! is the name of the gorilla you see in their logo

2) Go!Go! the gorilla found the secret recipe to the curry when he befriended a cook during the cook’s expedition in the woods of the kyushu prefecture.

3) Go!Go! then demanded that should the curry hit global markets, he wanted it named after him, failure to do so would see the gorilla go on a rampage and kill lots of people.

4) the poster above says: “Golden Go!Go!Curry! eat it or the gorilla will burn you with Fire. No, Seriously!!”

5) This whole list is entirely fictional and was made up by me.

Have been to the Ion one recently, a little shop space located where many other japanese eateries are at the basement.

The shop has many posters and newspaper cuttings pasted all over. So you can see the reviews they’ve got from the media.

They sell their Curry is Classes, well, which basically means Small, Medium, Large.

Happy Hour Special, well i suppose it makes you happy saving the money, although the portion given is smaller.

And of course the Champion Class, this REALLY REALLY HUGE plate of curry, this is best for people who go with lots of friends, think sharing this is pretty interesting. Looks delicious.

The curry was splendid, added on with cheese and egg, with a side of cabbage. It indeed is something special, something new and i certainly would love to head back to try the other types of variations they have there.

Visit their webbie here for more info!

So, Go! Go! the Gorilla’s Curry for you?

Favourite Country

I’m sure we all more or less, in one way or another would have a favourite country, a place we would love to stay, or live there and experience the life and culture.

For me, that would be none other than the land of the rising sun, Japan! Well what do it love about the place? Everything really. The culture, the seasons, the FOOD, people, cars, gadgets. So yea, literally. everything!




Went there when i was a kid in 99, then with the school band in 08 and with family again in 09. Have been to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Can you guess which is the one that left the most impression on me?

Everytime i head to Japan, there’s always something new to see, so much to explore, such an amazing culture and experience over there. And oh, i’d say they have the best standard food, like it is extremely superb. I would sure as heck love to go back again every year.


Had interesting experiences when i headed there in 08 with the band, the exchanges with the Japanese school band were Priceless, something that not many bands in singapore would get a chance to experience. And well, its also the first time i ever had cute japanese school girls walking alongside you giggling when you smile at them. Seriously. Priceless. Why oh why can’t we live there mum?

Anyhoo, that aside, i will be covering more of Japan and the happenings of the previous trips here! so keep your browsers locked on to betterdanthis!


So. What is YOUR favourite country?