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Back from a hell of a trip to Japan with Mitsubishi!

Tokyo, Japan. Was the prize. 3 winners.

I was one of them. It was a competition set up by Mitsubishi Singapore(Cycle and Carriage).

The competition involved having to submit either a creative video or two creative pictures of a Mitsubishi. I chose the former, and managed to snag an all expenses paid trip for two to Tokyo, Japan. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

We were treated to awesome food, sights and sounds.

We also took a Taiko Drum lesson, which was much fun. HOO! HAH!

Tokyo Big Sight was the destination for the Tokyo Motor Show 2017!

We were treated to witnessing the launch of the Mitsubishi E-Evolution as well as the showcase of the Eclipse Cross!

Shinkansen rides brought us to Okazaki, to visit the Mitsubishi Factory!

You can tell by the excitement on my face, I got to meet my hero. Tommi Makinen’s Evo 6 Rally Car.

We visited Tsukiji, Skytree, and Asakusa too!

And to top it all off, we tried on Kimonos and experienced an awesome tea ceremony.

All in all, it was a blast of a trip. Thank you Mitsubishi for this opportunity to experience what we did.

The photos were shot by Zotiq Visuals. They look pixelated because I pulled them from the Mitsubishi Album here. But yeah, shoutout to Adrian and Nicholas from Zotiq.

After the trip, we extended for a few more days. Needless to say, we had a ton of fun there, especially when we took the Mitsubishi craze a step further and rented an Evo 8. Check the vids out here and here.

We can’t wait to go back again. Till next time Japan. We’ll be back.

Kidrobot Adventure Time Puff Jake N Lil Finn


Everytime we pop by the toy store on the weekends, I seem to see this Kidrobot piece sitting on the shelves. Being an avid fan of Adventure Time, I can remember of times I’d be whining about how awesome the toy is.

Recently, Cheryl bought it for me as a surprise! And lo and behold, I present you, the Kidrobot Adventure Time Puff Jake N Lil Finn Medium sized figure.


Striking on the side of the box, we see a graffiti scribbling of the Puff Jake N Lil’ Finn words. And the back showcases a graphic rendering of the toy.


The top of the box features Finn’s face, he doesn’t look too pleased. Nay, he looks badass!


In the usual Kidrobot fashion(I looove the way they do their packaging by the way), they left little tinges of easter eggs around the box. On the bottom, there is a little print that reads “designed with the feelings of liking someone a lot”. Aww.


And even on the flaps once you open the box! Gotta love the little detail bits they put into this. Appreciate the effort!


Ok now let’s get to talking about the figure itself, here we’re looking at a 6″ limited edition figure, with the stretchy “he-can-be-ANYTHING” Jake in the form of a parka, covering a badass looking Finn, who is also plugged in listening to some tunes from BMO. We can only assume Hip-Hop’s finest playlist playing, either that of the symphonica plonks of a modular synth.


Finn’s face features a print/paint on, looking grim and fierce, with Jake looking all happy with a gleam in his eye.


Oh, and we can’t forget about little BMO, who’s clipped onto his waist.


On the back, we see Jake’s legs and his cute little tail dangling, one grip I have though, was Finn’s flat feet/shoes, no biggie, but would have preferred proper kicks and feet.


We also see Finn’s backpack and his sword! Which is a pretty neat touch! Nice details on the hilt too!

Am really glad to have gotten this piece! Now, to hunt for the elusive Jake and Rainicorn one.

Thanks for reading through this! If you’d like to see more of it, Cheryl and I have unboxed in this Rookie Collectibles episode.

Fast forward to 13:00mins to see it if Funko’s are not your thing.

Stay frosty! Keep collecting!

It’s all video now

image credit: pixabay
image credit: pixabay

Wow. I realised that I have indeed been neglecting this blog.

Video has definitely taken over and killed off such forms of.. well.. documentations of life. LOL

For a quick update, i’m 3 days away from a full year of vlogging.

And that’s a great feat in itself. I’ll keep this blog alive for as long as i’m still earning a salary.

After all, it holds memories. And memories should always be kept. Even so, the vlog is named “Betterdanthis Vlog”.

And that works for now. I’ll continue vlogging for now as far as that takes me. Let’s not let that die, at least for now. 😉

One year looms ahead.

Oh it’s been a busy one

Hello world.

It’s been awhile since i’ve dropped an update here on this blog. It’s been rather dead now hasn’t it. Surprisingly though, traffic has been rather steady, for the old posts that be. #SEOFTW.

Anyhoo, dropping an update on what’s been going on lately. In the last two months, I’ve popped by two cities, namely Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, and oh boy it has been quite an interesting eye-opening trips.

I’ve been on work trips before, but none as tiring as these, see, we’re expanding community initiatives to these cities first. And if results are good, we’ll head to other cities as well.

I’m gonna just leave you with a picture blast from the trip will little captions below them, it’s been fulfilling. But it opens a doorway into many busy busy work days to follow.


Visited and had a sharing session at the 9GAG office, awesome stuff. Remind me again to not to take photos in portrait orientation, they’re a pain to upload here. #rookiemistake.



We said hello to the lads at the Gogovan office too, and had a blast during a sharing with them too!


And the nice people we’ve met along the way, who will be aiding us in the fight!


We had more hands for the KL skirmish, which was also equally as interesting and much to learn about!



Nothing stopped us from kicking back with good food and whiskey after all that’s done.

All in all, the trips were rewarding in its own ways, i’ll be jumping back into HK next month, yikes, much to plan and do this coming round too. But hey, let’s make that happen.

And yes.. I know I know.. I need to update more.

Cheap DIY LED lit cupboard shelf for under $10


The picture above is a shelf on my cupboard in my wardrobe(yes). And it’s rather dark with the ceiling lights turned off. I wanted a quick solution to light the spot up.

Cheryl told me that Daiso has offerings for LED strips (or something along that line). And off to hunt for it we did. And we came across this.


Yup, battery type decoration lights, in all it’s glory for $2. Our initial skepticism about the brightness of the lights were quelled when a lady buying the same lights said that it was bright and she was rather happy with it and was looking to get another set. <Bingo>

Then we added this hook thingy to the cart.


It has a double sided tape thing on one end, and a hook which you can manipulate/force down to lock the cable/cord in.

Pop in a little battery and off to work, well actually it was just hooking it up and sticking the battery console using a double sided tape/3M tape to the side. Stick up the cord hook thing to the roof of the shelf and voila! It’s Christmas in a cupboard!


Yes, I cracked it. Too strong from last week’s gym workout.



And voila! The finished product! Indeed, bright enough to my liking, cheap enough to my wallet’s liking. And the best part. If it spoils, just replace it with another.


  • LED Deco lights(Daiso) – $2
  • Cord Hook(Daiso) – $2
  • Two AA Batteries(Anywhere) – $2
  • Double sided tape/3M tape – $3-4

Now, go light em up!


My new co-pilot


It does seem that posts for this blog seems to span over months between each one.

But fret not! I guess now, this blog will be taking a new direction!

My partner and co-pilot, Cheryl, will be jumping in and posting within with her own views and sharings on different things! Am really excited, this will definitely breathe new life into this little space of the internet as well as showcase a new bunch of topics!

I guess we’ll be covering various topics moving forward, from travel, to food and even random stuff like collecting and building stuff. Hopefully you’ll keep coming back to read more of what we’ll have to offer!

Stay tuned!

Love Dan.

Project Bite


Photo series for the year, accomplished. And i’m actually rather pleased with this one too!

This is Project Bite. And in it, features the staff/employees of Tech in Asia, all eating something. Fun, apt.

The series took me about 2 to 3 months to complete. The camera of choice used for this was the Leica Typ 109. The Leica monochrome colours really captured the essence of the project.

Big thanks to Max Lee, founder of Spark Asia for aiding in the journey, he kindly sponsored the awesome prints for this, for me to be able to construct the photos onto the wall of the office pantry.

And yes, finally, completion of a photo series.

Till the next one.

I pespire when I eat something spicy


I love spicy stuff. Nothing really beats throwing that little chilli padi in your mouth right after a spoonful of noodles. The kick that little red vegetable gives you excites.

I pespire when I eat spicy stuff. Even the mildly spicy ones. Granddad does too. And he’d always carry a handkerchief in his pocket, armed at the ready, for he loves spicy as well.

He’d pour out in pespiration whenever slurping down a spicy bowl of noodles. Whenever I do now, I remember him. Enjoying the awesome food this island has to offer, intermittently wiping away the drips on his forehead. That smile after a satisfying meal.

It’s one of the little things that makes him, my grandfather.

I miss him a heck lot. And am sure quite a lot of us do.

I pespire when I eat something spicy. My grandfather does too. 

70 days non stop vlogging

Image Credit: Keith Wickramasekara

I have been vlogging now, for 70 days. Daily.

And it’s becoming quite the “part of life” thing for me. So far, It’s been really interesting. About the different types of content that I can shoot, the difficulty in finding that sort of content too.

Who knew the third try would have gotten me this far. Well of course, not every day you get the most interesting and fun of content to watch.

1st try: Did a weekly vlog in 2010, went on for a couple of weeks, but weekly vlogs generally don’t exactly work out because.. well.. you get lazy. As some point you just go “meh, I can choose to maybe just pick out a short bit of the whole week to show. And then leave the vlog cam at home/behind. And most times, missing out on stuff.

2nd try: In 2014, and the catalyst for the current shot at it. Did this daily for a few days. And thus the start of the Vlog #X numbering system. Hence, the current number of vlogs on the channel is not representative of the number of consecutive days I have been uploading.

In essence, I did it for about a week, and gave up.

3rd try: Well, the reason for the 3rd blast is detailed in this post here.

I shall continue this. I shall keep it going at least for as long as I can.

After all, again, the one thing I just have to constantly remind myself is that the vlog is for memories. Much like this blog here, it’s for memories that I can keep, look back, and enjoy when I want to reminisce.

So follow my memories and take a peek into my life from time to time when you can!

Love, Dan.

Much vlog.


Photo credit: Unsplash
Photo credit: Unsplash

It sure has been awhile since the last post. Which of course, stated that I’d be jumping back into vlogging. Now that comes at a cost, amongst many. Such as neglecting this blog even more. And yes, attempting to spend even more money on a new vlogging camera.

However, so far, it seems to have been going alright. With each vlog averaging at least 10 views(lol). To be honest I don’t think that’s too bad, considering that fact I’m not exactly aiming for world domination. But hey, so far, it’s going fun. I’d probably detail more in another post as to how tough it is to vlog. Really, it’s tougher than it seems.

Amongst the vlogging and all, in the midst of all the things I try to keep myself busy with these days. Things have been real tough since the big change. But ah that’s about every facet of life now isn’t it?

Such is life, such is life.

Everything is a phase and shall pass. Looking forward to what else the world has to offer next. The year hasn’t been going so well. In the chinese zodiac beliefs and all, This year, coincidentally a Monkey year (my zodiac, duh), isn’t all that perfect for “Monkeys.” And somehow, almost magically, it all seems to be true(could be all in the mind too).

But we look forward. Right now, my life revolves around vlogging and work. Let’s keep it that way. Speaking of which, I intend to shelf and perhaps discontinue a couple of projects that were ongoing. GGR will still live on as a show on my youtube channel. But I certainly am planning drastic measures for the others.

Pardon the long and dreary post. Let’s wait out passing phases and continue learning and navigating the tricky waters that’s of life.

I’ll try my best to keep on posting here. After all, I’m still paying for this domain name. And hey, whilst you’re at it and I’m still very much vlogging quite consistently, do subscribe to my youtube channel “wertypoo.” 

Would very much appreciate that! And maybe while you’re at it, do pop in a subscription to this “betterdanthis” vlog!

As always, stay cool all!