About Dan

A Brief Summary about Daniel(More to come in the site!)

Born in Sunny Singapore on the 20th of October 1992, I was the first child of two in my family to Mummy(Sylvia) and Daddy(Dennis). And yes, 1992, that makes me a Monkey, of which years of mischevious-ness and playfulness ensued. School life was not exactly great as horrendous grades was obtained more than good ones with the constant “sea of red” inks on my papers.

Where it all began

The terror well slowed down a little while later when sissy was born when i was 8. Of which I imparted my knowledge of causing trouble to her. Although i can’t say that she has totally caused as much trouble as i did in the past. But Mum still thinks she turned out exactly like me(Lazy, Lazy, Lazy.)

Can you Smell what we’re cookin?

Oh and yea! My two loving grandparents that live with us since we were born and taken care of us ever since. A grandmother than cooks the best dishes EVER in the world, and a grandfather that has a special and amazing art talent!


Cousins and family top it all off to make everything fun and interesting!

Club Couz

Oh and our domestic helper Lilia who has been around even before i was BORN!

And not forgetting my awesome pooch, Kamei!


She’s a Cross Breed whom we adopted from a car workshop i used to work at!

So all this bits and pieces make up my life, of which more will be posted up soon! more detailed ones hopefully, all these memories i want to keep with me, all here in this site.

So suscribe to the blog via the email or Rss feed in the sidebar! Stay Tuned! Thank you!

While you’re at it, do check out GGR! episodes on the tab of the same name~

Love, Daniel


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