I miss you Yeh

In the fashion of being a bitch as it is, cancer took its toll on Yeh. We were not exactly fighting it head on anyways. Yeh passed away on the 29th January, 2016. I couldn’t rush home in time to see him before he left us. I would imagine he was just waiting for his return home, pulling through on the way back from the hospital in the ambulance. Just a couple of minutes after reaching home, he drew his last breath.

Funeral wake’s are a funny thing, the saying goes “it doesn’t matter how many friends you have when you’re alive, but the number of people that turns up at your funeral show’s how much a remarkable person you are.” We were joined by family and friends who all came to see him the one last time. Death brings everyone together doesn’t it?


Being the first family member that is close to me leaving us seems to leave a sore spot open, a void of sorts, I can’t really explain it. I miss him a lot. Even though I have no regrets. I’ve brought him to see the doctor whenever I could, brought him for meals whenever I could, and the fact that I got to greet him every single morning and tell him I was leaving for work, and to kiss him goodnight before I went to bed seems to be the little consolation that I have left with me. At least I think I’ve done my part.

In incremental phases, you pass through the acceptance that he has cancer, the fact it was un-curable. The passing of, the hustle of everyone co-ordinating the wake, the throngs of people attending the wake, the pain of reminiscing through eulogies and finally watching his coffin being wheeled into a furnace. An ordeal shouldn’t be the term to coin it but I would say it comes close. Death is a part of life, it occurred to me that to anyone else, he’ll probably just be a memory in their minds.


But to me, he’ll always be my grandfather. Always remembering the thing’s he’s done for me, always buying toys, sweets for me when I was younger, the countless hours he had to drive fetching me to and from school, tuition.¬†Giving me the extra dollars to spend when he hears me whining about money.

I miss him so much. And I just hope, he’s happier wherever he is now.

Last night, I got a call..


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