End 2015, Resolutions 2016

The end of the year draws nearer yet again, and we’re all plastered with the thoughts of what’s to come in the next.

I have barely hit half of my resolutions made last year, but I also managed to complete/achieve some things I never thought I would in the past year. Check out my “year in review” here!

As always, let’s go, resolutions 2016:

  • Organisation, time, response

Moleskine 2016

A new year, new Moleskine. Planning to fully utilise it more in getting my mess together. Time management too. Looking forward. “Now” will be the key word.

  • Exercise

Under armour Shirt

Yes. Resolutions.

  • Take more photos


I did not get to complete a proper photo project yet again the last year, though it was awesome to be able to dive deeper into film/toy camera photography. Still hunting for that FM2~

This year, I’m still aiming to make better use of the current gear I have, and perhaps a little more additions? hehe.

  • Record a raw EP

Taylor GS mini

This seemed to be a downer the last year, with hours placed into recording a track, and then having that track shot down. Either ways, for 2016, at least a raw/acoustic EP. How bout that?

  • Be more driven


Drive is what sets people apart from each other. Spreading targets too thin flattens drive out. Will be looking at focusing on a few more important stuff in 2016.

  • Manage my finances better


Yes, this has indeed been an issue for awhile. Going to be trying out new finance management stuff this year. Too many wants, too little money.

  • Be better at my job

This involves watching more startup related vids and read more books on the matter.

  • Be more thankful/grateful

I think EVERYONE falls short on this. Learn, be happy, improve.

  • Blog more


And of course, If i’m going to have to continue dishing money to keep this blog afloat. I might as well do so in a more regular fashion.


These are my resolutions for 2016. What’s yours?

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