2015 Year in Review

2015 was an interesting year. Quite some interesting learning points this year, and a few milestones were hit this year. So let’s look back at the hell of a 2015, here is the annual Year in Review.


Early 2015 saw the arrival of a new addition to the family fleet!


Pop’s new Paceman, nicknamed “Sally the Great Blue Whale”


Chinese new year, the usual affair.



I managed to get up close to a couple of awesome rides this year too. Didn’t exactly get to test them out :/. Perhaps sometime else.


Continually being an annoyance to everyone. Here’s me with Clarence who had not enough sleep the last night, I was reading to him a thesis on dark matter and black holes. Kudos though, he tried to keep up. Tried.


Bentley pop-up with the awesome continental GT3. Glad I got to see it in person. Lot’s of tales of how it’s been a beast on track.


Cody’s been quite the hassle on the pocket this year for Jean. Yikes. :/


Art and craft project on tyres~


Meeting up with friend’s overseas. Which was fun! We’re coming back soon P!

Amongst other short trips around the region.


Batam proved to be interesting in the midst of boring-ness, such as jamming out with the Balados band.



Seoul proved to be a rather fun one too!


And of course, not to mention these guys. You’ve made an impression on me, It was tall order for me and I know you guys have the best intentions. It was a tough decision. Thanks for still keeping me in mind constantly. Fly Safe, always.


Then there was the time where Kamei bit Jean and I had to bring her to the A&E, spending 6 hours there. Yep. Well they’re still friends. (I think).


It was my first time on a cruise, we embarked on a boat to nowhere on the Superstar Gemini. IMG_1826

I have to admit, I was rather impressed by the sheer size of the thing. Jean tells me that its the smallest in their fleet. Whut.


I joined the awesome team at Tech in Asia. Taking on the Community Manager role, which has been a massive learning experience so far. Not to mention having the best colleagues you can find, especially some that would go out of their way to help you. Drinks/poker/music night at the office makes it all a little more awesome.



Remember the elections this year? First time voting hooo~


And yay! I graduated this year! Now I’m pretty sure I have a graduation blogpost draft hidden somewhere. Why didn’t I publish that again? Hmm. Oh yeah, procrastination.


I had the lovely office people celebrate my birthday with me this year. IMG_3051

It really means alot, thank you guys!


We didn’t get to stretch the racing gloves much this year, karting is just getting a little too pricey. Looks like the goal to get faster has to wait again.


And my first time joining the legion of ‘brothers’ with Hweemin & Jeremy’s wedding was a rather interesting one. Happy wishes to the newly wed couple!


Christmas parties helps to round off the year!




With the never ending work still pestering the days away, we jump into the whirlwind of what 2016 has to offer. “It’s not a good year (for the monkey)” says the fortune telling mystics, “Winter is coming”, says the economical analysts.

Bring it on. Brace yourselves. Let’s kick ass in 2016.


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