Collection Update JAN 2015

As in one of the posts last year, i have embarked on a collecting journey, albeit expensive, a rather interesting and relaxing one.

The people that i have met along this journey were nice, some, just out to cheat you and some not. I’ll put together a cheat sheet as to where you can find the cheapest and most bang for buck diecast sellers and places in another post soon. So do hang tight for that.

Meanwhile here’s an update to the collection in my room. I have since the start procured three Ikea glass cabinets, they set you back about S$90 a pop and have pretty ample space so why not. As this post is being written i have embarked on a little plan to do some modifications to the shelves to squeeze out that extra space that is wasted.

DSC 7201

DSC 7202

Now again, in all honestly since the very beginning I knew this was not a cheap hobby, but to me it was fun and intriguiging nevertheless.

Here is a picture blast on the individual shelves. Enjoy!

DSC 7203

A little tribute to the awesome RX-7, the MX-5 is just borrowing the parking space for abit.

DSC 7206

The GT cars, holds near and dear to my heart, especially the SLS AMG GT3.

DSC 7207

Here are some randoms, with the German brutes flanking the Z.

DSC 7208

A GTR Tribute shelf is still in the works~

DSC 7210

The 1/43 Scales. Also what 92nd Division is selling currently. DO BUY!

DSC 7212


DSC 7214

And of course, everyone loves tomica’s. Ok well not everyone, but its just pretty interesting to collect.

DSC 7215

and.. STARWARS! Whats not to love?

DSC 7216

DSC 7217

Also, my plane collection, i have different sections for commercial and military, with the 747’s taking the top shelf.

DSC 7218

Not to mention, of course, my favourite, the MINI.

DSC 7221

And a little piece of my yesteryears. Stitch, whom i adore as my favourite cartoon character.

Will do up review posts on some of these diecasts from time to come, and, hopefully, new ones~

So keep the bookmarks locked onto betterdanthis will ya?

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