End 2014, Resolution 2015

And once again we have reached the end of the year.

And just like last year. Here’s the resolution for the next year!

Also. In typical betterdanthis fashion, random pictures throughout!

1) Picture Project
This year’s project 365 was halted due to a missed day. Also the lack of commitment and the fact that everyday you have to remember to take a photo was kinda tough. So i guess we’ll leave project 365 for another year.
For 2015, i do wish to start another photo project following a certain theme. So lets try that.


2) Organisation. Well. Be more organised.
I’ve been messy throughout 2014. Though i’ve managed to get my arse to be a wee bit more organised. Again the annual purchase of the oh so magical moleskine shall give me the headstart for this resolution. So lets do it!


3) Family Crest
Ok the idea for doing up a family crest came about this year. Talked about it. But never got around to doing it. Requires a budget but come on. Its awesome when you think about it. Lets see to getting it done in 2015. Any good designers to recommend?


4) 92nd Division
The company has been on a rollercoaster ride so far. And recently tides seem to be turning a wee bit. So fingers crossed on that and plans to steer the company into a different direction will be put in place!


5) Blog more!
Enough said.


6) Be more assertive.
This one’s tough. But i’ve got to be more assertive in my decision making. And well for everything else in general. Perhaps i should pick up some self help books on this. Hmm.


7) Exercise.
Here’s a scary statistic. Number of times i’ve exercised in 2014. Less than 10. Darn. Got to do something about it.


8) Record a song.
I’m downplaying this resolution from this year. It is more difficult than you think. So yeah. One song. 2015. Cmon cmon.


9) Finish up my degree.
Now this seems like an easy one. But it is easy to screw it up too. Lets avoid that. And let it go smooth sailing.


10) Enjoy the world while it all lasts.
Nothing lasts forever. We can’t experience and enjoy everything forever. So i’ll just enjoy and take things as they come. Savouring each moment. And we should all too.


And thats my resolutions for 2015.
What are yours?

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