Noryangjin Fish Market

Noryangjin Fish Market. The “Go-To” fish market for the koreans. For the tourists? An experience that allows one to eat live/raw octopuses. Also not to mention the seafood lovers.

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The prospect of which has gotten us up way early in the morning to grab the train to Noryangin Station(Take exit 1, cross the overhead bridge to get there). You won’t miss it, follow the fishy smell.

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Lights and loads and loads of fresh seafood is what greets you upon arrival. Also the unmistakable smell of fish.

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And as always, i’ll now leave you with a picture blast of the place. Enjoy~

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I’m not a seafood person. Nope, Definitely not. But everyone else was. So they picked out an octopus and some crabs and its yum yum for them.

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Chopped live octopus. Which was still squirming around. Check out the vid here of me snagging one in my mouth.

Octopussy. #notabondreference #korea

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Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the grub. So if you’re a seafoodie like everyone else in my family but me. Do head down to check out Noryangjin Fish Market.

Here are the opening hours:
01:00 – 18:00 (wholesale auction)
07:00 – 20:00 (dried fish)
24 hours (raw fish)
Open throughout the year.

Technically you could just pop by any time you want. Definitely an experience and an interesting place to check out if you’re visiting South Korea.

Stay Fishy all!

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