Kinder Surprise Airbus A330 Travel Edition

Its no surprise Kinder Surprise (see what i did there?) is not much of a surprise when it comes to toys for many. And i’ve never liked the chocolate to begin with. So i have always steered clear of the product.

On the way back from an overseas trip at the duty free shop in the airport, jean bought this for me. The Kinder Surprise Airbus A330 Travel Edition.


Its Kinder’s special collaboration with airbus for cool “in choco” swag. Well to be fairly honest its just cool little planes in chocolate.

It comes with 5 different liveries.

The Airbus A330 livery

Lufthansa Airbus A330 Livery

Turkish airlines Airbus A330 Livery

Asiana Airlines Airbus A330 livery

And a special Kinder Airbus A330 livery

And you can even flip the box around to use as a stand!


Its a pretty nice touch and the fact that this is a travel exclusive only found in duty free shops around the worlds makes it even cooler.

Can’t wait to see how much further this collaboration goes. Hopefully they do the A380 or the new A350.

Till then..
Stay chocolatey!

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