A day with the 200

Again, secret reasons for how i ended up with it aside, i managed to have the luck to drive this beauty of a car for a day.

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In all honesty, I never fancied the SLK, slotting it into a category of cars i told myself not to even bother looking at. However when presented with the opportunity to take this black beauty home.. i jumped at it. The third of its generation in line that bears the badge “SLK”, and fire up the engine i did, for the SLK 200.

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At first i was amazed by the start-stop eco mode, the first time i ever experienced it in a car. Then the in-line 4 cylinder turbo engine broke loose, building a spool that whooshes through the cabin onto the rear p-zero tyres throwing 184 horses with a low german engined rumble.



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And then it was an “ok dan this ain’t your car lets not go too quick in it”, on the brake pedal i stepped, with minimal shudder i managed to pull the speed down to however a controllable level i wanted.

Thats a ventilated brake disc (show stopper) for you.

IMG 1494


Being one of the smaller sports cars out there it was easy to maneuver despite its heavy body, which lies to your mind because the moment you take a corner and you feel that understeer is coming and no, it doesn’t. Superb road holding that felt really stiff when you drive over little bumps on the road but smooth as silk when you’re on perfect tarmac.

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A massively heavy steering feel gives you better control feel of the road and nice grip points tops it all off, though my one gripe is the texture of the leather on the steering, can get a little tacky at times.

But 7 gears and a paddle shift sure does make you forget all worries~

IMG 1452

IMG 1459



IMG 1454

A really simple standard center console that you get with most other mercs out there doesn’t put too much distractions for you as a driver.

Though being a two-seater sports car, with not much space in the boot due to its retractable hardtop (yes its a convertible), people with claustrophobia better steer clear. That’s until the top comes down anyways, then more fun ensues.

IMG 1446

The body hugging seats provide stiff driver/passenger holding but proves to be a little too, warm after awhile.


IMG 1447


Other than that the mid section compartment in the cabin lets you have pretty much good space to fit around 15 Sony PSP’s into (estimated, not lab tested), and the boot mercedes claimed which allows you two golf bags without the “driver”, of which i think otherwise. It is large for a two seater sports coupe/convertible but not large enough either way.

IMG 1450


By half a day, i was a convert, i started appreciating the design, the engineering and the sleek curves of the car, the growl of the engine at low revs and the wind in your hair (and face) with the top down placing the inevitable smile on your face (also the stares of onlookers).

Then you think.. It looks good in the driveway too! The way it just sits there, unassuming, ready to show you another spunky burst of what it can do when you turn the ignition.

IMG 1470


The last night i took it out for a final spin before preparing myself to hand the keys over the next day, and boy did it look sexy.



IMG 1433

The flurrying display of the simple two faces gauge dash display.

IMG 1477

The curves of its lights that beckons a turn back even after you’ve switched off the engine and locked its doors.

But you know it was a little fling, the excitement for a day. Was worth it. This little black beauty taught me that there is really more than meets the eye when it comes to cars. Each has its own special dittys that makes them special.

It looks great, just enough speed to get around town zippy style, it comes with a S$270,000 price tag.

And that is the reason, why we can only ever dream to own one of these.

Till we become billionaires one day that be!

And till then..

Stay sexy all~

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