J’s “Nikita”

I’ve seen J a couple of times at Mini Meetups and can’t help notice his MINI exuding a contrastive feel compared to others around, a certain “oopmh” if you must. A humble reply met with my eager questioning if i could feature his car on “Betterdanthis”, with the yes, i’m sure i bugged him well enough for a free day for me to take some shots of the car for the blog.

DSC 2861


Finally, on a scorching Sunday afternoon, came the tone of the ever so sweet Supersprint Exhaust and the tingling turbo whistle as he pulled into the parking lot. Following that a drive down to the end of Singapore with already a pre-set location in mind. Driving in front of the shiny black and ‘just the right amount of red’ clad beast had me constantly catching glimpses in my rear-view, knowing that the 1.6 litre in the MINI behind mine could easily have me biting the dust if he’d gun the throttle.

DSC 2877

This MINI Cooper S R56 is the last of the Pre-LCI models from MINI. Running stock it sports a 175bhp drive, but “Nikita” here is far from that.

DSC 2918

Lets just say, this modestly tuned beast of a MINI can throw off your average speedster on the street. And i’m not even talking corners.

DSC 2816

Under the hood lies a tightly packed orchestra of awesome.

With boost supplied from a JCW spool house.

Coupled with Forge Blow-off-valve, coolant pipes and Intercooler.

DSC 2822

DSC 2825

A BMC CDA air intake provides the cold air for the N14 engine.

Sweet configurations that results ensures the flow of the system plays the Supersprint exhaust tune, making my stock R56 exhaust sound like someone taking a muted fart.

Stability comes from the JCW Front and Rear Anti-Roll Bars, an NM Top Strut Bar.

DSC 2827

The Ride is dropped with JCW Shocks and Eibach Springs.

Stopping Power? Yep. AP Racing Big Brake Kit.

DSC 3043


Oh, you wanna talk interior? Lets.

DSC 2838

The ambrosial red upholstry of the interior welcomes you with a dash of carbon fiber bits.

DSC 2835

With Gauges from Pivot that tells you the boost pressure and water temperatures and a tyre pressure management systems that gives you snap of the finger real-time information.

DSC 2846

DSC 2848

DSC 3005


DSC 2849

The centre console shows you the unusual “instead of silver” Black gauge face and a checkered console panel. Chess? Anybody?

DSC 2852


The exterior oozes a JCW bodykit with a GP diffuser.

DSC 3007

DSC 3013

DSC 3027

DSC 3042

DSC 3025

Nm rims and John Cooper badges and scuttle tops it all off!

DSC 3018

DSC 3021

DSC 3040


Alrighty, i’ve asked J a few questions too and here goes~

How Long have you owned the Car for?

J: One year. It was a Pre-loved Car registered in the year 2010.


Does it have a name?

J: Nikita

DSC 2921

Why the name?

J: Not really sure to be honest. The name just resonates well with my ride.


Previous rides? (If so, how do they compare?)

J: Most recent would be the Volkswagen Golf. As for Comparing, one brand has beautifully engineered their gearboxes to fail every now and then, while the other has created a perfect curve chaser. Can’t really compare if it isn’t apple to apple right? 🙂

DSC 2969

What do you think about the car scene in Singapore?

J: No Comments.


Why do you mod your car?

J: Actually it was supposed to be just replacements of wear and tear parts but the more i researched on the MINI, the more i became interested in enhancing the car.


Handling or Power?

J: A mix of both.

DSC 2886


Are there any mods that you are looking at? If not, whats next for the car?

J: I’m pretty satisfied and done modding my ride. Perhaps just some little aesthetic mods here and there.


Dream Car?

J: I would love to own an ///M someday


What is it you hope to see changed with regards to cars in Singapore?

J: Less expensive on the COE!




DSC 3069

All in all, Nikita to me is a sweet sweet ride. Perhaps someday soon Summer will reach tuning perfection as J has found in his ride.

DSC 2929


In the meantime, Stay classy all! BE MINI

DSC 2973


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