Honda NSX-R GT

Spoon Sports has always been a favourite tuning company of mine. The religious vtec followings of the company that pushes their tuned cars to higher potentials and not only that, keeping driver comfort in mind, unlike the other 2 big aftermarket honda tuning companies. That is the speciality of the blue and yellow painted company.

I’ve always been watching videos on youtube of the Spoon Cars. Having the chance to sit in one of the FD2R race cars with the engine started just fuelled the love for the Spoon brand even further. Years ago i came across a video of Spoon entering in the 2009 Macau GP. And the NSX-R GT they entered looked brilliant.

That was until Spoon Boss Tatsuru Ichishima lost control of the V6 engined beast coming out of a corner, hitting a wall, sending the car into a continuous spiralled spin. But of course, being Spoon, they revived the vehicle and went on to race the next day.


Now, when i heard that they were bringing the 3.5L C32B engined Spoon NSX-R GT to the Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore, i had to go check it out and see it for myself. And oh boy did it look gorgeous.

DSC 1694

The ever so famous blue and yellow livery.



DSC 1705

Kinda looks like a stingray from this angle don’t it?


DSC 1707

Fitted with Advan Slicks and the shiny blue Spoon Caliper Kit brings powerful stopping power to the car.

DSC 1708

DSC 1709

TYPEONE, the name of the spoon tuning factory in japan, right beneath the aero wing mirrors.


DSC 1710

Air-Ports right by the door.

DSC 1711

And not to mention the massive air intake for the engine bay unique to the NSX-R GT.

I don’t know much technicalities of the car so i’ll just redirect you here, to someone who had access to even trying the car on the track, Dino from Speedhunters.

Meanwhile i’ll just leave you with a wallpaper worthy shot.

DSC 2306

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