Toyota Celica GT-Four Carlos Sainz Edition

I have never been a fan of the toyota celica, and not sure if i ever will. I mean the latest version was, lets face it, not so pretty looking nor particularly quick.

So whilst at work the other day, i noticed an old T180 series celica being revved over and over, an expected issue ridden car perhaps? With that thought in mind i didn’t even bother to look or ask any of the mechanics what was wrong with the vehicle, until when it was fixed and sitting right there at the car park.

And then i thought i should go for a closer look.

IMG 6005

The paint chipped vehicle sat there, as if it were sulking. Without any further exterior scrutiny, i headed straight for the door and opened it.

A queefy smell immediately waffed into my nose, sending me a step back, then proceeding to peer into the japanese made machine.

IMG 5993

Stock, totally stock interior. Less the mess, it would have been pristine, except for some ants roaming about but hey, thats awfully rare to see such old cars in their stock state, especially the interior.

Doing a little bit more prodding around i realised another reason why the car has been kept stock. A little plate in front of the dull looking gear shifter states “CELICA TURBO 4WD CARLOS SAINZ LIMITED EDITION 4839 – 5000”

IMG 5995

No kidding, then i started to appreciate the car a little more, looking at how even the words on the door hinge guard was still intact and falling off

IMG 5992

IMG 5994

The Speedo that read 120 over thousand kilometres done, i could only imagine how much action the 2 litre, inline 4 engined rally inspired car has seen. Oh and the production year 1991 means its a year older than i am.

By Rally Inspired i mean that for rallying that season, they had to homologate the car to 5000 units to be sold around the world. And of that only 25 set its tyres on Singapore soil. With Carlos Sainz, their rally driver at the time lent his name and signature to be borne on the car.

IMG 5986

The 4 Cylinder turbo DOHC engine with a water cooled intercooler churns out 205 horses at 6000rpm with a 0-100km/h in 7.6 seconds.

Interesting enough too was that the 3S-GTE engine was the first in the world to use laser beams to weld the cylinder head for better heat dissipation.

IMG 6006

The suspensions are a MacPherson Strut fittings with anti-roll bars

IMG 5988

The Hood sports something i have not seen before too, an air inlet points into the engine bay to cool the timing belt.

This edition also sports the clutch stroke and gear lever throw being reduced, giving the driver quicker gear shifting times.

IMG 5987

So much history in a Car that not many notices. I would love a chance to drive the car sometime but the fact that it belongs to a customer means that chance might not surface.

After all, it has taught me how to not judge a book by its cover, for there might be much more underneath.

IMG 6008


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