GGR update and Photography Portfolio!

You May or May Not know about GGR. And yes! It is still alive!

Please do give me your support. we are almost 6 years old already and counting!

To give you a recap, GGR stands for “GAMES GADGETS REVIEWS” Of which reviews and unboxings of games and gadgets are done in a short episode based format on youtube!

Do subscribe to the wertypoo youtube channel for more.

Also you can check out betterdanthis’ own GGR Page for links to all the past videos!

(p.s: you get to see my years ago when i was.. um.. rounder)

This blog will also be used for GGR Related posts in the future! Bringing you more updates and of course, tech goodness!


Aside from that, I have finally updated the Photography page on betterdanthis, featuring a short portfolio of my works so far.

And yes, if you don’t mind an always learning photographer, i am for hire! More details on the page.

For more though, stay locked onto my Flickr page for my full works. Coming soon!


Spread the word!

Love, Dan.

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