Vaio CS

Well, to be honest, back in the day, ok, maybe not that long back, i always thought the Sony Vaio was a kickass computer.

However when i got mine, well, lets just say it was a big mistake. Probably it was just tough luck on my part because the one i got(well my mum did) died on me like countless and countless times.

I got the blazing red Vaio CS end 2008 model. Usually basic laptops gives their owners problems probably about a year into their life but mine started at 3 months with drive problems, afterwards it was software then fan problems. And i am sure there is much more with that just that there was too many to remember. Thus making me a regular at the sony service centre, dreaded place. Lots of people with their problem ridden Vaio’s there too. Friends who own vaio’s also faces the same problems, i certainly do hope their latest batch are well, better made.

I used the vaio for school use and also the other stuff like blogging or gaming too, but still, it is really vexing to have the vaio crash just days before an assignment is due. I used to plug my vaio into a HP monitor so i could use two screens at one go, really really fun ^^

Not sure about the fabled “Sony Timer” though as mine started giving problems faster than you can say the word getsundheit, so i’ll leave that to you to decide.

Currently(oct 2010), the vaio rests on my printer, connected to me Razer set up should i still want to play the occasional pc game. I also use it for msn and it houses my photoshop software.

Vaio for you?

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